Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Cheeses*

Wyatt Blue, my four year old, attends a pre-school in a local Methodist church. The school is highly regarded as an excellent pre-school with a focus on education with a Christian foundation.

Last week I was driving Wyatt to pre-school and I asked him what they were learning in school.

"Christmas." He said.

"What did you learn about Christmas?"

"Christmas is a the time when Jesus becomes a baby again. You see, Jesus is a man who at Christmas time becomes a baby. He then becomes a boy so that by Easter he is a man again. You see Jesus is two men, a boy and a baby. His super powers are that he can become a baby again. But I think he should just stay a baby because then we could have Christmas longer and oh look at all those Gooses. Why do Gooses sit there?" He pointed to the field next to us.

"They're are called geese when there are more than one." I corrected.

"Why are all the geeses there?" Wyatt asked. "Hey Dad. Geeses, Jesus, that rhymes!"

"Yes it does Wyatt. What else can you tell me about Jesus?" I asked trying to get him to focus back on our original conversation.

And I smiled the rest of the way to his school as he rhymed other words with Jesus.

Wyatt continued, "Cheeses...Pizzas... Sneezes... Pieces..."

*Baby Cheeses from ABC's Modern Family, best show ever.


Here are some gift Ideas for the holiday season although some of them may not be able to make it to your tree in time.

Maze Man--A friend of mine does his own hand drawn mazes. They are cool and complex. He even does custom mazes for business and what not. Very cool.

B Toys--I wrote about these folks a year ago here and how funny their instructions were. They included my post on their website. Check them out. This is the company's first Christmas season. We were trying to purchase a Veterinary kit/Critters Clinic for Wyatt but have not been able to track down at Target. They keep selling out. That is how awesome their toys are.

Books make great gifts and awesome stocking stuffers. I highly recommend Frankie Pickle books by Eric Wight as well as The Dread Crew by Kate Inglis for the young readers. And of course for the older readers on your gift list there is anything by Brad Meltzer (my secret man crush) as well as For a Good Home by Eve Mont. Brad has a new book coming out in the next month or so and he has a television show on the History Channel. Eve Mont just signed a deal for three new books with her publisher.

If there is a hairy sweaty man in your life I also would suggest Shave Secret and Anti Rash Underwear as gifts. Both have changed my life.


Kcinnova --won the Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Machine. I had over 60 entries between comments and emails. I used a random number generator and her number was picked. Thank you to all who entered and thank you to all who read Poop and Boogies.

Remember when you are having your Christmas dinner and someone asks, "What's in this?" just say "Poop and Boogies. Shut up and eat it."

Happy Holidays everyone.


Bogart said...

You're My Boy Blue!!!!

Oh yea...and that know, the one you made me watch...the one I made Claire watch...the one that changed my life...amazing.

"I ordered the Baby Cheeses" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

PS...C and I have something to share with you...

Unknown said...

I've always thought the whole man-Jesus/baby-Jesus thing must be pretty confusing for kiddos. :)

Is that like Baby Swiss? ;)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU for the opportunity to win the coffee maker! My college student son is going to be the happy recipient.

I love Wyatt. And Jesus has amazing super powers. :)

James said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Reeses Pieces Jesus

Anonymous said...

I always felt Jer Feds looked like Jesus.

James (SeattleDad) said...

I love the Baby Cheeses.

The stinky ones are the best.

Meegs said...

Trav has the Shave Secret in his stocking right now! :-) Thanks for giving me the idea with your original post.

jcbrown208 said...

Merry Christmas to you! Love your suggestions and wish I had caught your gift suggestions for the sweaty man in my life before I wrapped all his gifts! Now I know what to get him for Valentines Day!
Love to you and your family. By the way, I like the word verification - hydrint -- although spelled incorrectly it could cool off a sweaty man!