Monday, July 12, 2010

Card Ideas

My anniversary is tomorrow. Lauren and I have been married 8 years. I know this because I just said to her the other day, "I can't believe we have been married 9 years."

Which she said, "Neither can I, because this Tuesday is only our 8 year anniversary."

As with all old married couples we do not really exchange romantic gifts or anything. Our gift giving is done more out of necessity. We get each other what we need rather than what we want or what we would want for the other person. This year we need a new coffee maker, a new cordless phone for the home, and a new vacuum cleaner.

I am not sure what I am getting for Lauren and what she is getting for me. We will decide later this week. But this is where I need some help. To make the gifts romantic we will need cards to go with the gifts. So knowing that I could be getting Lauren a phone, coffee maker or vacuum and she could be getting me one of those same items we need some ideas for a romantic card to accompany the gift.

Contest time--Leave a comment with an idea for a romantic anniversary card to go with one or all of the gifts, either from me to Lauren or Lauren to me. Lauren and I will pick our three favorites and the winners will recieve a copper plated Abraham Lincoln Medallion worth 1 cent.

Go here to read about our wedding. Pic here .


Lowa said...

You mean if you get one of those things for her as a gift, you won't end up in the doghouse?

Have you ever seen this commercial? I crack up every time...

Lemme know if you enjoy it as much as I do:)

As far as ideas for the cards, I can't help you. Sorry.

Happy Anniv! Be 21 years for the hubby and I in a few months. And you and I are the same age. What does that tell you? That I got married far too young? Exactly.

Anonymous said...

You will notice that the phone is cordless which is how I feel about the ball and chain for the last 9 years (8 years). It hasn't been a ball and chain, only a ball with like a cordless chain.

Happy Aniversary!
Love William

Katy Barzedor said...

"Roses are red; violets are blue;
Here's a vacuum. Wanna do it?"

Anonymous said...

This gift will make me more awake when Wyatt Blue wakes up at 5:30 AM. It will make Yo Gabba Caffiene much better.

Happy Anniversary!
PS Is there any chance you would like to get nakid?

Melinda said...

Well. I think Bucky Four Eyes is a clear winner. It says it all with flowery poetry and got to the point and even mentioned the vacumn cleaner.
Hallmark needs some new talent.

Oh, and happy 8th wedding anniversary.
On the theme of Bucky, which I have totally stole...

Roses are red
And Violets are blue,
I'll stay in bed
while you answer the phone
and make the coffee too.
P.S. Don't vacumm, if I am sleeping.
Love you Babes x

(My husband bought me a stainless steel rubbish bin for one of our anniversaries. I was speechless.)

Melinda said...
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Mayo said...

Sweeper - After all these years, you still sweep me off my feet.

Coffee maker - You're still good to the last drop!

Phone - I got nothing.

for a different kind of girl said...

The only things I can think of that pertain to vacuums is how they suck, and I should just stop talking now about that. Next is coffee. I don't touch the stuff, so I can only think of dripping when I think of it, and I think I should stop talking now about that one. That leaves phones. about "Eight years later, and you're still the one I'd want to give a ring to."

Awww! That's TOTALLY romantic right there!

Anonymous said...

Here is a vacuum.

My mind is dirty.

Love William

Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary.

What do a vaccuum,phone,and coffee pot have in common? None of them put you in the mood ! Therfore I have gotten you a hot fudge sundae with two spoons.


Anonymous said...


Happy Anniversary.

What do a vaccuum,phone,and coffee pot have in common? None of them put you in the mood ! Therfore I have gotten you a hot fudge sundae with two spoons.


Melissa said...

wow...i want to help...but i am so uncreative this way...but so far you have some very clever ideas here...LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

SciFi Dad said...

The past eight years sure haven't sucked, but this will. Happy Anniversary.

This cordless phone is like us; two parts that need each other to work: one to do all the talking, and the other to just sit and do nothing. Happy Anniversary.

Coffee Maker
Please use this immediately so you don't kill me in my sleep. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, guys.

April said...

Happy Anniversary!

eclectic said...

Happy 8/9th Anniversary!

MrsDoF said...

Happy Anniversary! 8 years is a good start :)

I'm not very clever with words on cards, so I buy mine at the dollar store. I'm so non-clever that even those cards seem great.

For our 12th anniversary, Husband bought a really nice sewing machine for me. For our 18th, I got a paper shredder.
Both are still used from time to time, so being practical for gifts is a good thing.

MrsDoF said...

for Lowa-- the doghouse commercial was great. Thanks for a grin on this rainy afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Perk, Talk, Suck.

I love 4 letter words.


kittenpie said...

vacuum - Being married to you never sucks.

coffee - I still think you're piping hot.

or - Is it getting steamy in here or is it the coffee maker?

phone - Glad you're still talking to me, even if sometimes you wish I wouldn't...

Melissa said...

still about 40 minutes left for me to say Happy Anniversary P&B and Gigglepotamus!

Anonymous said...

All of these items need electricity. Lets rub our bodies together to try to make some.

Semky said...

This year it's just a new coffee maker, but NEXT year your own Starbucks franchise!

This year it's just a new vacuum cleaner, but NEXT year a second honeymoon in Eureka, CA!

This year it's just a new phone, but NEXT year your own call center!

Anonymous said...

This won't work for the phone, but it will for the other two:

"You turn me on."

Happy 8th (9th) anniversary!