Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Point It Down

After Maxfield was born our friend Alyson gave us some parental advice. She already had a little boy and she knew a thing or two.

"Remember," Alyson said "when you change his diaper make sure you point it down."

She was not talking about pointing 'it' away from the direction you were standing but actually making sure that 'it' was actually pointed down in the diaper. By pointing 'it' down, we made sure that there were less leaks. All diapers have the absorbing material in the lower front to the back of them. No diapers make the "belt" area absorbent. If 'it' is pointed up, well, pee leaks right out the top of the diaper. Baby girls do not have this problem.

However, once boys get a little older, a little bit more mobile, keeping 'it' down becomes more difficult (and even more so when they hit their teens). Now that Jackson is walking and crawling and running and falling, keeping 'it' in the down position is somewhat of a crap shoot (pun totally intended since I am talking about diapers). Putting him down for a nap without checking to see if 'it' is down can result in an unscheduled load of laundry.

Our family has always used Huggies as our choice of diapers. Huggies is one of the few products we use where we feel that the name brand is important. We tried changing brands once before and it did not work out for us. Huggies for some reason always fit our boys the right way and kept 'it' down, which prevented leaks.

Last year Jackson was invited by Huggies to test their Little Movers line of diapers. My biggest concern about switching from the regular Huggies to the Little Movers was whether the Movers would have the same snug fit. Would they be able to keep 'it' down. Let me just say since going to New York last September we have not used any other kind of diaper on Jackson except the Little Movers. We have yet to have any kind of leak or accident with the Little Movers brand. I have actually stopped checking to make sure 'it' was down when I take him for his naps. The Little Movers work for our little mover no matter what part is moving.

Huggies recently came out with a new line of Little Movers Jeans diapers. They were nice enough to send me a package for Jackson to model. A few things that struck me about the dark blue denim-looking diapers--

1. I think they are cute.
2. They are exactly the same as the regular Little Movers.
3. The get lost in the dark pocket of a deep diaper bag. They blend with the shadows (like Nightcrawler from the X-Men).
4. Now women who make diaper cakes for baby showers, can actually make a blue diaper cake for boys.

And 5. Jackson is one handsome kid.

There has been some debate, over at the Huggies Face Book page, caused by the new Jean Diapers. People were surprised that some parents would let their kids walk around only wearing a diaper. As you can see from the pictures I have no problem with it. How do you feel about it, would you let you kid walk around only in a diaper? What do you think of the Little Mover Jean Diaper? Does that change your opinion?

Disclosure- I have partnered with Huggies Little Movers and their Ambassador program. I will be receiving compensation, product for my personal use as well as any reimbursement for reasonable expenses relating to the Ambassador program. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Huggies products. Woo hoo, I got a sponsor Y'all.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I have most definitely had my kids wander about wearing only a diaper. whether it was Huggies (our brand of choice as well) or cloth diapers washed at home (yes, I washed diapers, too). They would have looked pretty awesome in front of the old International tractor at Gram's house on the farm wearing those Little Movers jeans diapers.

(Although, I must confess, the boys in the tractor photo? Are now 19 and 17-1/2 years old.)

Valeri said...

Well, as a regular Walmart shopper, I can attest that people do go out in public with their diaper-only-clad babies. I'd much rather see blue denim on the outside than plain white! I think they're cute!

sari said...

It's summer, why wear anything else? We're lucky if we can keep a diaper on our 2-year old. I always hear the "rip" of the tape as he tosses it over in a corner and runs away naked, laughing.

Melinda said...

I definitely would not let my daughter wear only a diaper. She is 25 now and won't even let me dress her any more!
That Jackson is adorable!

Melissa said...

oh my goodness he is getting big! and you are correct, he is one handsome boy!

i LOVE those jean diapers...i think it is one of the best advancements in "diapering".

and heck yes, i would let my kid walk around in diapers...i look forward to wearing adult diapers and walking around in them...i just hope by the time i need them, they make jean adult diapers...LOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the sponsor and Jackson is definately adorable but I do have a suggestion:I loved your blog because of the humor and how lite it is but lately I feel like I am reading an ad in a magazine. Get back to your roots.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon. I do feel like this is one big ad. And you don't post very often anymore.

Will this blog be staying like this?

Unknown said...

Boo on the Anonymous comments! If you're gonna criticize, at least own up to it.

I don't think you're straying from your roots at all, that was one funny post.

Jess said...

Babies in diapers are adorable. I think the jean diapers are cute, too. If it's snowing out, they may need to put on a shirt, too, but besides that - no problem.

Congrats on the sponsor. Based on your crew, seems like an ideal choice (rather than feminine products or something like that.)

MelRae said...

I absolutely would let my 2 yr old son run around the house in nothing but a diaper...but, like sari said, he would take it off, no question. I try to keep him in onesies...he has not yet figured out how to unsnap at the crotch.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize my words were not meant to be malicious they were meant to help you- Like customer feedback, Or better yet Blog feedback you want your brand to grow you have to know what the people want. A name-- is it really important?

Anonymous said...

I thought your post was just as funny as your "non ad" posts have always been. You haven't sold out one bit, Bill. I think some people are just jealous. Sorry, it's just how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and that is one handsome kid in those fancy "HUGGIES" diapers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... congrats on the sponsorship! I think the denim looking jeans are awesome looking! Are the mainly for boys?

I don't have a probably with my kid running around in just a diaper. Its for her own good really. If I had to wear a hot ass diaper all day UNDERNEATH my pants I would get cranky. An absense of pants just makes it a little cooler for them during the summer

Melodie said...

My kids are (thankfully) out of diapers, we used Huggies too. I did not want to take any chances with two little boys and the pee pee problems (ie. leakage). I had no problem letting the boys walk around in a diaper. However, if we were going into public, I wanted them in actual clothes on top of the diaper. I just figured, if I was out in public, I wouldn't want to be in just my undies.

However, diaper only is perfectly acceptable in the back yard or around the house. (PS. Did I mention my kids were pukers? Less laundry in the "diaper only" outfits!

PaulaW said...

I think the denim diapers are cute and I would let let my MALE child go around in just that AT HOME, but not out in public. However, I would never ever under any circumstance let my FEMALE child go in only a diaper. When you reach the age that she really must learn to wear a shirt, then you've got a whole other fight on your hands. Just start out from day one putting a shirt (tank, onesie, t-shirt, whatever) on her and there wont be any problems later. However, since my male child was merely 367 days younger than my female child, he wore a shirt all the time too. It was just easier to do them both "alike".

This is of course my opinion and not the 'rule' I think everyone should follow.

And those denim diapers ARE cute! :-)

Cole said...

Meaks, your blog is as good as it ever was . . . and your writing skill continues to develop and impress me all the time. Sure, you're pimping a little product . . . but you've got the integrity to be honest and you've fully disclosed. Good on you. Do your thing, man.

I will however mock you about this in the fantasy football league.

kalki said...

You totally deserve a sponsor. Congrats! I've been gone for way too long - missed you much. Also, that kid of yours is SERIOUSLY cute.

Smug said...

I don't think that you have "sold out", and I think it's great that you can use your blog to make a little extra money and if I could use mine for that I totally would!

I don't use disposable diapers, I use cloth (which have come way far since my mom was diapering, let me tell you!!) but they used pampers I think in the hospital (my daughter was in the NICU for two weeks after birth due to maconium), and the only time she has ever pooped out the legs, back or front was in those disposibles. She has never had a "blow out" in the cloth diapers.

As for letting her wear only a diaper; she is only 3 months old, so I haven't yet, but don't think that I would have a problem with it. We do have naked baby time some evenings to let her little bum air out and she loves that!!

Anonymous said...


This is from the original Anonymous. I would read your blog with a fox. I would read your blog in a box. I would read what you have to say. I just know that you are gay.

Effie said...

I've noticed that with my little boy--he's into the same size diapers as his sister (who is 22 months and he's not quite 6 months) because if we tighten the waist band too much he leaks...cloth works well though and unless we're going out somewhere we'll be doing cloth diapers for the next while...with girls you really don't get such a leakage problem...my kids don't do the diaper only thing only because I REALLY don't want the diaper to be opened by themselves or something else--velcro catches...no issues with it if the baby can manage to keep his/her hands off the diaper!

Anonymous said...


I have never heard you use the expression "Woo...Hoo" or "Y'all" before.

Something is up.

Anonymous said...

We've got one still in diapers and I don't have a problem with her wandering around in just a diaper. At least not for that reason. I don't let my kinds wander in just a diaper because they're both freaks that will scratch and scratch their back, stomach, legs etc until they bleed. We have tried every lotion on the planet but I may be raising a family of alligators.

Michelle said...

I don't have a problem with people letting their kids run around in just a diaper, I just cannot do it. My 2 year old, just like her 3 sisters before her, would remove the diaper faster than you can say "stain the carpet" and I'd spend a fortune on carpet cleaning.
I think it's great you've got a sponsor. Any "ad type" posts you make are always filled with your regularly scheduled humor. And, if they are giving you free stuff, more power to you!

Shannon said...

Okay, I just saw the t.v.commercial for those denim diapers. Have you seen it?


It's pretty funny, but I must say that Jackson is way cuter than the boy in the commercial.

Heerow said...

I don't mind my little one running around in a diaper, but I'd rather have him in something in case he falls. Tried a sample of Huggies, but we're Pampers all the way. Even with the new DryMax version that everyone seems to loathe.
I'll have to remember to keep 'it' pointed down especially when he's a bit older and more mobile.

Alyson said...

Thank you for finally giving me a shout out on Poop and Boogies! It's about time!!!

Only the Sheppards said...

Hi Bill, I'm a first-time visitor and won't be a last-time visitor :) This post in particular cracked me up... As a mom of two boys I spend each day learning new things about penises and their habits that I never knew I needed to know... And pointing them downward was one I learned the hard way :) And, as my 2-year-old has spend the majority of his life on Viagra for a heart condition, I still find myself fighting that battle on a daily basis :)Thanks for the laugh!