Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Healthy Snack

The one thing that the kids on the T-Ball team look forward to the most is the post game snack. Every now and then they are interested in who is getting the game ball but really they just want the snack. At the beginning of the season we set up a schedule so that each player's family would be responsible for the snack for the whole team after different games. We asked that parents keep in mind that one kid has a minor peanut allergy and one kid is a diabetic and that all snacks and drinks should be somewhat healthy. That's the rub.

Trying to find a snack that is healthy, that all 10 players would like, with no peanuts, and most importantly that is convenient to pack up and bring to a ball field is a difficult task. Most parents resorted to bringing soft pretzels (which I love, love me some Philly soft pretzels) and juice boxes. I don't know, it is probably me, but soft pretzels just don't seem like a snack for players after a game. Something salty, heavy and doughy (like their coach) does not seem to me to be a refreshing snack.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Chiquita asking if I would be interested in trying their new fruit bite snacks. I knew that my family was coming up in the snack rotation for Little League so I said yes, but only if I could get enough snacks to give some to the whole T-Ball team. Chiquita said no problem and sent me coupons for free Chiquita snack products.

I went to 4 different grocery stores trying to find their products. I figured since it is new that maybe some stores were not carrying them. When I finally did find them I was not sure what kind to get for the team. They have Red Apple Bites, Green Apple Bites, Apple Bites with Caramel, Carrot Bites with Ranch and a couple of others.

At first I was like, "What's the big deal? It is just sliced fruit. I can slice the fruit myself." But then I read the label that the Chiquita snacks are washed in a calcium and vitamin C solution that not only preserves the color of the fruit but also adds extra nutrients. When I tasted Green Apple Bites I was surprised at how crispy and flavorful they were. I usually eat apples at room temperature and the fact the these packages were refrigerated I think really added to the taste. I know that sounds weird but they were really refreshing.

I packed up the snacks with some chilled bottle water and brought them to our game the other night. After the game the kids all gathered around and asked me what was the snack for the night. I told them apples. The disappointed looks they gave me were like "Awww man. Apples?" but then I showed them the individual packages and that seemed to pique their interest. They all grabbed a pack and tore into them. I am pretty sure the kids loved the apples. I know Maxfield did. Plus there were no issues with the allergies or the diabetic.

I was half tempted to ask each kid if they like apples. If they said yes I was was going to say "I got her number. How do you like them apples?" but then I figured they would not get the reference.

Full disclosure-I have not been paid by Chiquita to offer my opinions on their product. Basically I was given apples. The apples I were given were hard to find, yet once I did find them I found them to be quite tasty. I also think the smaller, more individual packaged apples were better for the kids than the larger packs. Oh Chiquita also said I could give away a prize.

Chiquita has offered me a prize bag to give away to one of the people who comment here. The Chiquita “swag bag” products include a Sidekick Lunch Cooler, Ceramic Mug, Travel Mug, Banana Holder and Energize, Maximize Unisex Yellow T-Shirt. I also have a couple of coupons to give away as well. I will pick one winner for the swag bag and a couple for the coupons at random. I will announce winners next week if I can get into contact with them so leave me a valid email address or something.

For a chance to win the above mentioned prize(s) just leave me a comment answering one or all of these questions. 1. Do you like apples? 2. What do you consider a healthy snack for kids? 3. What do you consider a healthy snack for an adult? 4. When you read the words Banana Holder in the above paragraph what was the first thing that came to your mind?


teri said...

great idea. Glad it worked and everyone like them.

also, as far as the pretzels, I believe that they have miniature pretzels, so that's always an idea. We've gotten them a few times, here at work since the South Philly Pretzel place is two blocks away.

Portland Dad said...

The first thing that came to my mind was a..... nevermind I'm not going to answer that one. I love apples and think that fresh fruit and veggies are great snacks for kids and adults.

Alisha said...

I totally JUST ATE my apples and caramel from Chiquita as I pulled up this post.

Unknown said...

LOL I love your way of reviewing things!

1. Yes
2. I have this same problem...this year one mom noted that her kid is allergic to red dye and not to get any juices or snacks with that in it. I often bring orange wedges and raisins. Most parents just buy those big packages of individually wrapped pretzels, chips or cookies.
3. I am really bad about healthy snacks for me. I am currently addicted to Pop Tarts.
4. I pictured the wooden stand you set on your counter and hang a bunch of bananas on (which I could really use) but then when I read your question I immediately pictured a flamboyantly colored Speedo men's bathing suit.

Anonymous said...

How happy are you that you got to write about a banana holder of all things?

Brandy said...

1. We love apples!

2. Fruit and a protein if possible. Apple and cheese stick. Or a good old fashion banana.
3. Beer and wings. Seriously, fruit and protein again.
4. First thought of Borat's swimsuit. But then I thought of a holster like a gun, you put your banana in for snacking ;)

Melodie said...

We have two boys in baseball this year, plus we have more than 10 games, so some families bring snack more than once. I was tired of my boys getting gatorade and fruit snacks for their baseball snack - so - when it was our turn for snacks, we did exactly the same thing you did! All of the kids loved the apples! I loved that they were pre-packaged and convenient. We also threw in a small package of trail-mix... but we got rave reviews on the apples!

Melodie said...

Oh ya, I was supposed to answer questions... ha!

1. Yes!!
2. Popcorn is a great snack for kids.
3. Do nachos count?
4. I recently saw this plastic banana holder - it holds an individual banana and protects it until you can eat it. It was genius!!

Gwen said...

Bill, please don't count my comment in the contest. I wouldn't feel right since I won the SAUSAGES!

But I have tell you that I WAS JUST explaining the term "banana hammock" to a co-worker (not kidding, I really was) and so I immediately thought of Phoebe Buffay (think TV's "Friends") when I read "banana holder." BANANA HAMMOCK!

Laura Leigh said...

1. Yes, especially with peanut butter

2. Granola, Cheese/Criackers, Fig Newtons

3. Martini

4. We call them banana trees that suspend your bananas above the counter so they don't bruise. Love the Borat reference in another comment.

Anonymous said...

1. Love apples specifically Honeycrisp..Have eaten at least 1/day for last 3 years except when not in season
2. Any fruit/veggie sticks or ice cream, sometimes cookies for kids
3. I honestly believe fruit is best snack for adults (like honeycrisp apples
4. Teehee. Actually I pictured my banana holder at home shaped like a monkee

Melissa A. said...

1. Do you like apples? yes
2. What do you consider a healthy snack for kids? pretty much anything that makes them stop yelling.
3. What do you consider a healthy snack for an adult? see above.
4. When you read the words Banana Holder in the above paragraph what was the first thing that came to your mind? Friends, the episode where Phoebe wants to change her name to bananahammock.

Melinda said...

Darn, I was hoping there would be one or five snarky, inappropriate hilarious comments from your brother err...I mean anonymous.

-I love apples! Crisp and cold and naturally sweet. Some of the old varieties have better flavour and quirky sounding names! I live close to an orchard that grows 27 different varieties of apples. I think that is cool.
-I think a healthy snack for children is something without additives and is natural. Fruit is good but an egg is good too. Yoghurt is good and so is dried pineapple or pears. Here in England, the 'footie' teams snack of choice is cut orange wedges.
-Adult healthy snacks are Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Because I said so.
-I have no idea what a banana holder might be...something from Rubbermaid?
-I know I am null and void from your competitions. So sad!

Anonymous said...

MY banana has a first name, its C-h-i-q-u-i-t-a. My banana has a second name its S-c-h-l-o-n-g. She loves to suck it everyday and if I ask her why she'll say.....for the potassium, dummy.

Melissa said...

1. i love apples; fuji are my favorite followed closely by granny smith

2. healthy snack for kids: i like dried fruit...mine loved dried apricots, cherries, and one loved the pineapple.

3. healthy snack for adults: i will be the adult in question and it is anything chocolate.

4. and you know exactly what i was thinking when i read banana holder...LOL

Melissa said...

1. I love Apples.
2. Fresh fruit, veggie sticks, hard boiled egg, water.
3. Same as number 2 (have to set a good example).
4. Some kind of special container you use in your lunch box to keep your banana from getting all smashed up!

for a different kind of girl said...

I love apples the way the former fat version of me loved cake. I love apples long time. I like to give my kids apple slices with a little bit of almond butter that I microwave for a couple seconds to make it into a dip. What they don't eat, I will for my own healthy snack. That's also how I got fat...well, and also because they weren't leaving apple slices behind for me to Hoover. Finally, I TOTALLY read "banana hanger" as "banana hammock" on first blush. I absolutely did! I love banana hammocks, but my bananas don't ripen when I hang try to hang them on one, so I keep a banana hanger on my kitchen counter.

Granny said...

My children are grown and have families of their own. I still buy apple packs for my husbands and my own lunches..nothing like a piece of crunchy apple to hit the spot...have a wonderful week!

SciFi Dad said...

These sound pretty good.

1. I like apples (I also like them apples).
2. Healthy snack for kids? We go with fruit or vegetables most of the time.
3. For adults, the same applies.
4. I have no interest in discussing your banana, nor its holder.

(Also, a fourth prize should be offered: these Philly soft pretzels you keep raving about.)

Effie said...

hahaha--when I read "banana holder" I was immediately reminded of a company that appeared on "Dragon's Den" --a Canadian reality show where small companies are trying to get money from rich investors--they had a product for bringing bananas in your lunch without getting them bruised but oh the comments that came with it--so funny "banana jacket" etc....then I thought of that friends episode where Phoebe changed her name to Princess Consuela BananaHammock...much laughter on this end.
I think apples are awesome--grew up near orchards.

Smug said...

I love apples and have tried these specific ones before and you are right, they are refreshing! I think that apples are a great snack for kids. Also, I take cut oranges to my nephew's t-ball games sometimes. The same great, healthy snacks for kids would be great for adults too. As for the first thing that came to mind on the banana holder, was simply "Yuck" as I hate bananas and have nightmares about being a kid again and mom forcing me to eat the brown, slimmy ones cause "they are still good and we don't waste food" (insert shudder and gag)!!

Meegs said...

I do like apples... and I think I would love these, since I hate eating apples whole (too messy and I always get peel bits stuck in my teeth).

Me said...


1. Love apples
2. Any kind of fruit or veggies--carrots are big in our house. Also, honey pretzels.
3. I'd have to say beer---oh and these mushroom empanadas that hubby found at Costco--yummy.
4. I can't say or my post might be deleted. :)

Anonymous said...

1. I love apples.
2. a kid healthy snack for us is fruit, yogurt, granola bars.
3. A healthy snack for me is anything alcoholic.
4. I actually gagged reading banana holder. Regarding your other reference, I dig Matt Damon though.

Jess said...

1. Yep. They're not too messy and take a while to spoil (unlike raspberries.)
2. Goldfish crackers, cheese sticks, bananas, cuties oranges (and apples, of course)
3. goldfish crackers, apples, oranges, celery and peanut butter, strawberries
4. First thing? a pencil case for a banana.

Amy M. said...

1. Love apples - must have with my lunch every day.
2. Usually our go-to kids' snack is dried fruit. My kids fave is freeze-dried berries. But, granola bars work for us too.
3. I like salty snacks, so honey-wheat pretzels are my favorite "healthy" snack. Otherwise, love Cheetos.
4. Like the Borat comment. Didn't need that mental image while eating lunch, though.

Mommy Moxie said...

I am commenting just so I can talk about banana holders! LOL! Yes, I think of banana hammocks, aka Speedos which should be outlawed. Seriously folks, isn't life more fun when you have to guess a little?!?

So to be serious, healthy snacks for kids are not full of sugar or fat-whole grains, veggies, fruit, lean meats and low fat dairy. For adults, I see nothing wrong with red wine, cheese and crackers. JMHO though. I guess if you have to be serious, the same things as for the kiddos. But isn't the best part of being an adult the right to choose what you eat and then work it off at the gym? I will admit though, I love a good Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apple ;)

kittenpie said...

1. I like GREEN apples!
2. For kids, I like fruits or veg, cheese, and the occasional arrowroot.
3. For adults, dark chocolate and red wine - all about the antioxidants, right?
4. Banana holder - oh c'mon, you know that's why I'm answering this, right? Think Borat... and retina searage.

PS - commenting for fun, because often contests aren't valid in Canada, so if those coupons can't be used north of the border, count me out! But if yes? I'm at

Anonymous said...

I have not been around.

No excuse.

Weren't you in a boy band called the Banana Holders?

Claire said...

1. Love 'em! Especially with cheese or a little peanut butter or if I am feeling really froggy, nutella.
2. See above.
3. See above.
4. I am blushing in front of the computer.

Ricky said...

Banana holder... I want it! What came to my mind was when I was younger I always said when I buy a house the first thing I am going to buy is a banana holder ( we never had one in our house ). It's strange but I really did always say this. When I got my house my sister bought me one. But my banana holder has been around a long time and needs to be replaced :).

sun4bella said...

1. Apples are Awesome!!!
2. Any cut up fruit and veggies are great snacks for kids. To keep at home, I cut up a bunch of fruits and veggies and keep them in handy mini sized tupperwares for my daughter to just grab from the fridge.
3. Same for adults, but also fresh popped popcorn (not the microwave kind) and nuts.
4. I thought of the Friend's episode where Phoebe changes her name to "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock" and then I had myself a good laugh!!!

Mama D said...

1. Yes, I like apples, but I'm insanely picky about them. Certain ones for certain times of year, different ones for baking, others for snacking. It's really a lot of work.
2. I love using healthy things to make something my kids think is unhealthy. Like "fried" mushrooms with Fiber One. Or apple crisp without sugar or butter.
3. Same as above, but that really didn't stop me from housing the pint of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream today...
4. I pictured the one that holds actual bananas, but now I can't help but giggle my way through this question.

Ali said...

It's been proven that an apple will wake you up more than a cup of coffee. I never let me kids eat apples after 2:00pm. Way to go getting a whole team riled up.

Esther said...

Two words. BANANA HAMMOCK. That's what I thought of. Being from Wisconsin, our kids love cheese. I love giving them cheese and yogurt for snacks--things they gobble. As for adults...I think popcorn is great, but I always add butter. Butter is dairy, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about the guy who created the banana holder that has to tell everyone he invented the banana holder. Wonder how many friends he has?
Maybe a lot. It's quite a skill. You certainly can't invite him to the Little League game though.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of apples. I prefer oranges personally. Also... when you said "banana holder" I thought of a thing that holds bananas... what was I supposed to think of?

nicki said...

I LOVE those apples! I buy them for my kids' lunches because they don't turn brown.

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Yes I adore apples! My husband and I make an apple pie a month we love them so much!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

Regina said...

1. Do you like apples? Yes
2. What do you consider a healthy snack for kids? I give my daughter fruit, raisins, craisins for snacks.
3. What do you consider a healthy snack for an adult? I should say apples or fruit, but truth is, I like chocolate. :)
4. When you read the words Banana Holder in the above paragraph what was the first thing that came to your mind? LOL I kind of skipped over it, but now that I think of it, it sounds a bit naughty and makes me want to see what it actually is.

MommaTMac said...

Love the pics. Maxfield is such a cutie!
1. I love apples.
2. Any fresh fruit but particularly apples and peanut butter.
3. The same, of course!
4. I thought I read banana hammock at first and actually went back and had to reread it:) As for the banana holder, I think of a stand that holds bananas up off the counter so they don't get bruised.

Samah said...

1. yes! but mostly just granny smith apples.
2. mmmmm probably carrot sticks (or any veggie sticks) and tahini or some other sort of dip.
3. same goes for adults. perhaps a nature valley bar and fruit as well?
4. well i read it as a banana at first, so it made much more sense when i read the "holder" part. and then i just giggled :)

Unknown said...
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