Thursday, June 17, 2010


-"Wyatt, I don't want you to spend too much time on the computer." -

-"Wyatt, why don't we spend our time doing something more productive."-

-"Wyatt, why are you spending so much time in the bathroom?"-

-"Wyatt, I have to spend some time with Jackson."-

-"Wyatt, we're out of time. We have to go." -

Last night Wyatt received a watch in his happy meal. I have never seen him so excited to get a happy meal toy.

"Daddy, Daddy, open it. open it." Wyatt said with excitement.

I unwrapped the Shrek Donkey faced watch from the plastic and I set the time.

"Put it on me dad. Put it on me." Wyatt held out his wrist. "How much time is on here?" he asked.

"It is 6 o'clock. So I set it for 6 o'clock."

"Can I spend it here? I want to go to the play area."


Anonymous said...

Wyatt is straight up and down. Just like 6 O'clock.

for a different kind of girl said...

Wyatt is brilliant. And later, if he ever figures out how we can all have more time, he'll be a wealthy man.

SciFi Dad said...

If only I could get more time by buying a new watch.

Happy Father's Day, William.

Unknown said...

Smart kiddo. Seriously. Happy Father's Day, Bill!

Anonymous said...

Those Happy Meals sure do what they say! They make kids HAPPY! Sometimes they make the Moms and Dads happy too. Last week one of my grandchildren did not want the CAT that they received in their box. He gave it to me. Now I have Antonio Banderas purring in my hand, and saying "Do I know you?" Talk about Happy! Mc Donalds sure know what they are doing. I am Happy and apparently Wyatt is too.