Friday, July 31, 2009


One of the best pieces of parenting advice I ever received was from an old friend. I don't think I even had kids at the time and he was not offering advice he was just telling me a story.

His kid was maybe 3 or 4 at the time and had his first dentist appointment. The dentist discovered several cavities and needed to drill and fill many teeth. My friend was shocked at the cost of the bill, which was like $2500.00, for teeth that were only going to fall out in a few years. What was happening was my friend could only get his kid to sleep at night if the kid had a sippy cup of warm milk at bed time. The child would fall asleep with the sippy cup.

Apparently milk, which is supposed to be good for teeth and bones, will rot teeth if it sits in the mouth overnight, night after night.

I remember this story and the cost for the dentist every time I put my kids to bed. Part of our bed time routine is brush their teeth every night and the only thing they can drink after brushing is a few sips of water.

Also, did you know someone from West Virginia invented toothpaste? Otherwise they would have called it Teethpaste.

Feel free to use this joke whenever you want. I usually say the Kensington section of Philly instead of West Virginia.


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Xjaeva said...

:cringe: I let my two year old fall asleep with milk and I KNOW better. I switched his brother to water long before he was two to avoid the teeth decay. time to switch

Anonymous said...

A little blue eyed blond with shoes on wrong cause she likes to dress herself.

Anonymous said...

The people of West Virginia and Kensington Philadelphia, PA have sent an order for Cease and Desist of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Mountain Momma... Take me Home... Country Roads.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Would have been better giving the kid candy before bed? I am going to go wake up Lukas and brush his teeth.

Unknown said...

William, I had to read your joke five times before "getting it." Oh well, I think I was 12 before I got, "What has two wheels and flies?" Great Dad advice today! Have a wonderful week. E

Roger Miller said...

My son used to to bed every night with his milk and sippy cup, then we heard the news about it not being good for his teeth, so it's brushing and water now. He's okay with it even, and reminds us that his teeth will rot if we don't do it correctly. Smart kid, now if he would just share some of that knowledge with me, I'd appreciate it. :)