Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I have written here before about my history with comic books and superheroes. Superman is considered to be the first superhero.

In highschool I dressed in Superman shirts.

My brothers, at my wedding, dressed as Superman and superheroes.

Here is a cool video sent to me by my buddy Brad about the house where Superman was created. Save the Superman House.

But what I think is even cooler is this site. Ordinary People Change the World Go and surf that site and be Ordinary.


Anonymous said...

So how may Superman items did you bid on? Lauren would have to understand the items are one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...I live in cleveland and could get pics of the house for you ....

eclectic said...

Aw... you're a big ol' softie underneath all the smartass, aren'tcha?! That's a nice thing to do -- save the ordinary home where two boys imagined Superman into being.

Practically Joe said...

Save the House ... Save the World.
Do you think they can use a Kryptonite Lock I have one I'm not using.

Anonymous said...

Superman is not about a house in Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part about the video is the quotes.

Not sure my opinion on saving the house but .. at the same time.. they saved those other houses mentioned and they haven't had an impact on our lives and culture as much as Superman.

Thanks for the post/links. I'm going to make sure my hubby checks it out. He's a big Superman fan. *smiles*

JP said...

It's not easy, to be....

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