Sunday, September 25, 2005

Them's fighting words

Three disagreements we have had.

2 Degrees of Separation.
I like to have the air at 77 degrees when I go to bed. Lauren likes to have it at 79. She gets too cold if it is below 79. I am too hot otherwise.
Lauren: Did you turn down the A/C?
Bill: Yes.
Lauren: You did?
Bill: Wait. When you say turn down, do you mean turn the temparature down or turn it down like it wont go on as much?
Lauren: So it won't be cold.
Bill: No. I like it at 77.
Lauren: That is too cold.
Bill: I wake up all sweaty when it is higher than that. Beside you can wear a sweater to bed. It is easier to get warmer than it is to get cooler.
Lauren: I am not wearing a sweater to bed. Beside you can just take the covers off.
Bill: I need to sleep with covers.

Breakfast of champions.
Lauren made homemade cookies. I woke up on Saturday and thought they would be a good breakfast.
Lauren: Are you seriously going to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?
Bill: Yeah why not? It is the same thing as cereal.
Lauren: No, it is not.
Bill: Yea it is.
Lauren:I can't believe you would eat cookies for breakfast in front of our son like that. Think of the example you are setting for him. Don't you want him to grow up healthy.
Bill: (putting cookies away) Man, I can't believe you would bring Max into this. Fine, I won't eat them.
Lauren: But I thought you just said they were the same as cereal? Hah.
Bill: Do'h.

Just a fantasy.
I am in a few fantasy football leagues.

Bill: Do you think I should start Vick or Bledsoe?
Lauren: I don't care.
Bill: You see Vick was hurt last week....
Laure: I don't care about any of them. You just want to use me as an excuse.
Bill: What?
Lauren: If I tell you to go with Vick and he has bad game you are going say it is my fault. So I don't care.
Bill: No I wouldn't
Lauren: Yes. You. Would.
Bill: Okay. You're right.


Cheryl said...

Well, I'm with you on the lower temperature and the cookies (for breakfast lunch and dinner), but can't help you with the football thing. :)

Anonymous said...

First thing wife does in the mroning is to have a cookie. Kind of a healhty cookie but still....

Thank God I'm not to fussy about the airconditioner. Wife can't have it one sicne she gets a sore throat after a night of sleeping. Every freaking time. We can be in Borneo's rainforrest and it's 105 degree but we can only have the fan on, no AC. And she wonders how I can lose weight when I'm sleeping.


Anonymous said...

I had homemade cookies for breakfast on Saturday. Yummy.

But dude, you would rather your wife wear a sweater to bed than turn up the thermostat? Keep in mind that if you turn up the temperature so that Lauren is a little too warm, that will lead to nudity. I'm just saying.

c said...

1. Ours is set at 68 for night. Poor Lauren would freeze to death in my house.

2. I gave the kids cookies for breakfast just the other day. What? We were out of everything else.

3. Sorry, no help here.

Anonymous said...

Can you compromise at 78? lol

Kami said...


Margaret said...

i have to sleep with covers (no matter the weather)...homemade cookies are a must for breakfast...and i dont do fantasy football... :)


big dan said...

holy crud...I swear I've had the same three conversations with my wife. Well, three extremely similar ones...the A/C temp- yeah, we discuss that nightly at our house. The Great Breakfast debate is ongoing, and I often ask Pam who to start in my fantasy leagues...I get "the look" now.

I can only hope my daughter will atleast humor me and sit and watch football while I eat cookies...*sigh* a man can dream can't he?

Anonymous said...

The thermostat in our house is set at 72. I don't care what anyone eats for Breakfast. If Lauren doesn't want you to eat cookies, she should cook breakfast. As far as fantasy football is concerned, Lauren don't ever give advice, even if it is for the better. Some how you would hear about something

Nature Girl said...

My DH likes it colder than I do too...If I'm cold I'm crabby, If I'm crabby, Ain't NOBODY happy. I got a twin size electric blanket for X-mas last year. It only goes on my side of the bed. He can have it as cold as he wants, but I'm warm and toasty and not crabby. We're both happy that way. Until I am still using it in June and DH opens the elec bill. Then only one of us is happy :-) Guess which one? Stacie

Cat said...

Kalki stole my thunder! What is UP with you people! Can't a woman tell a nudity joke around here without someone totally snaking her line?! Huh?! HUH?! Geez.

Wait!... No, I got nothing.

Oh! Okay, I love when you post conversations between you and Lauren because it makes me feel as if the conversations I have with TGIM maybe aren't as crazy as I once believed... And that's a GOOD thing, yo?

Kari said...

I'm always cold too. I pack on the sweatpants, sweatshirts, even the big heavy winter socks, just so Ian can have it cold then I get to hear him at about 3 in the morning complaining about how he's cold and needs more blankets! UUGGGHH!
I agree cookies are breakfast.
Ian's a fantasy footballer too...he's on his own...

Anonymous said...

luarens right about everything

Jewl said...

Chocolate Chip cookies and Coffee are the BEST breakfast ever... well, besides IHOP.

kimmyk said...

what's cookie crisp cereal then?
lil chocci chip cookies my kids drown in milk.
if i make a cake -that's my breakfast the next day.
i say if it's edible-eat it.

the air thing? i like to be cold when i go to bed, but i sleep in socks so my feet dont get cold-hate it when my feet are cold.

Trnenergy said...

I like it cold, "hibernation cold", if I could have it my way windows open with fans on high a with temp around 58 F. I sleep much better.

Susie said...

Oh dear. Our A/C is set at 72. We both get hot if it's anything above that! Dan made us homemade cookies this weekend and he had them for breafast on Sunday! Damnit now I want a cookie and you better believe there are none left. I stay out of the fantasy football. I get so confused when he starts rooting for players on different teams.