Monday, September 12, 2005


Maxfield is 18 months old. He is barefoot most of the time. If he does wear shoes, it is usually sandals (without socks) 85% of the time. Why do his feet stink?

Sure he is active. He runs through the house. He plays outside. But his feet are aired out. It is not like he is playing basketball everyday. It is not like he sweats buckets while playing with his Lego’s. He gets a bath every night. I can’t figure it out. Do other children his age have stinky feet?

The other night I was wrestling with him and I grabbed his feet like I was going to eat them. “Pee-Ewwww, Maxfield your feet stink.” He of course is giggling.
Lauren said, “Max’s feet smell like Cheetos.”

“Great.” I said. “Now I am not going to be able to eat Cheetos again for at least….30 minutes”.

I love Cheetos.


Tammy said...

My kiddos' feet would stink everytime I put him in shoes from Payless. Payless Shoes make kids feet stink!

Anonymous said...

Payless didn't make my feet stink, but they made me skinny. Everytime I wore them to school, inevitably I would get puched in the neck and stripped of my lunch.

Sarah's feet stink when she wears shoes w/out socks and yeah, not a very cute baby stink either.

The Q said...

Do you like Cheetos as much as you like bacon?

Nico said...

^ Uuuhh, good question! *waits for William to answer*

ieatcrayonz said...

Mmmm, toe cheese. Yum.

Try some baby powder dude. Kids get wet: puddles, sweat, improper toilet aim. It breeds bacteria...and toe cheese.

I'm still keeping my eye out for Preschoolians and their non-stinkin' shoes.

Nature Girl said...

Oh yeah I remember that. When my boys were little their feet were horrible. I made them wash their feet (or I did it when they were really little) sometimes 2x a day. Finally invested in Dr. Scholl's (sp?) foot powder for their shoes. I think its the shoes more than the feet really.

Kami said...

Well, hello there, Nico. Anyway, we haven't had this problem, but maybe some baking soda in his shoes would help.

eclectic said...

My little guy is 2.5 now and has finally outgrown his way-stinky feet. Never did figure out why he had them; his siblings never did, but this guy was baaaaaad. For a long time. But mysteriously, it's better now. Good luck!

Lois Lane said...

When I compared my father's toe nails to Scoops Fritos, I ruined that food item for the whole fam-damnly.
My daughter also has horrible smelling feet, always has. A doctor once told me it could be one of two things, not enough water in her diet or not the proper vitamin balance. So far we've found no cure for the stench. The older she gets, the more my husband and I are thankful for what might one day be natural birth control. :)
Lois Lane

kimmyk said...

Lil boys feet stink because:
he has a Y chromosome.

Ask Lauren, lil girls don't have stinky feets.

We smell like daisies from birth to well after death...proven fact..look it up.

Unknown said...

That is so classic. I don't think Nate's feet stink, I eat them all the time. And he doesn't even get a bath every night.

Susie said...

Dooce has a funny post way back when about her dogs feet smelling like Fritos.

Liam's feet dont stink...yet. Maybe it accrues with mileage walked?

Cheryl said...

My son's feet almost never stunk... Until I bought him Batman Sandals this summer. Threw those sandals away. No more stink. Go figure.

LizzieDaisy said...

My youngest son has the stinkiest feet ever. They do not smell like Cheetos, they smell like Cheerios that have been left in the bowl of milk under the couch for a week (not that this mom would know what that smelled like). I mean as soon as he takes his shoe off everyone runs and we have to tell him (from the other room) to go wash his feet in the tub. New socks and shoes do not help.

I think they need to find this weird gene and fix it.

Anonymous said...

I believe in this case, it is just hereditary. I once knew somebody who was always being told to wash their feet. His name was Bill.