Monday, September 19, 2005

Let's Make a Deal

Lauren and I went car shopping this weekend. We are looking for a Mini Van and possibly a used second car. I would love to get a van that looks like THIS. But none of the dealers had that.

Anyway, Lauren is very smart when it comes to money, and I am very much a smart ass when it comes to dealing with, well anybody that is trying to take our money. We make a good team when it comes to shopping. I listen to Clark Howard and Lauren has done a lot of research in regards to car buying. We do not need a new car but we would like one, and one of the lessons I have learned from my dad is:
“The best time to buy a car is when you have one. Not when you need one. You can be picky.”

These are conversation we had with different dealers.

One dealer said he could work up the numbers we were trying to reach. After many clicks on his calculator he came up with an amount that was 10% higher than the number we originally agreed upon. We started to leave and he said he would get his manager to talk to us.
Mngr: This is a good deal.
Bill: But it is not what we are willing to spend.
Mngr: What are you willing to spend?
Bill: 10 % less than what is on this paper.
Mngr: This is a good deal. I’ll tell you what. We can sign today and I will give you another 30 days to come up with the money.
Bill: I’ll tell you what, I will give you 2 minutes to deduct the 10% right now.
Mngr: Let me talk to the manager.
Bill: I thought you were the manager.
Mngr: (pissed off) Well I am, but not the one who makes the final decisions. I make some decisions but not all of them.
Bill: Can you make the decision to deduct the 10%?
Mngr: Can we compromise?
Bill: Sure, Instead of two minutes, I will give you 5 minutes to deduct the 10%.

We went to another dealer who we liked. The sales people were real nice and the managers were nice. We were looking at a van.
Salesperson: This beige interior really makes the inside of the van look a lot bigger.
Bill: Really? Do you think I should start wearing beige underwear?

Bill: You guys have listed here on the features “Carpet”.
Salesperson: Yeah.
Bill: Why? Do they offer tile or hardwood floor in cars these days?

Lauren: What did you think of that used car?
Bill: I liked it.
Lauren: Really? Are you thinking about joining a Bocce club or something?
Bill: Why do think it is an old persons car?
Lauren: YEAH.

Lauren: They need to make us an offer we can’t refuse.
Bill: (showing her the paper) This is the offer.
Lauren: Oh. We can refuse that.

So we did not buy anything this weekend.


Unknown said...

OH. MY. GOD. That's some funny stuff! I like the part about the hardwood floors... You guys are great! (Although, I'd be willing to bet the car salesmen didn't think so!)

Heh, I'd (still) like a van that looks like that. :) Unfortunately, the one I've seen in my driveway is (still) flameless.

Meegs said...

You are more then right. I got my "new" car when my old one died a drawn out horrendous death. It sucked, not only the dying, but also the subsequent (sp?) buying. It's so much easier when you really can walk out and not worry about it. I couldn't, but at least I ended up getting a good car for a good price. You are doing it the right way I think.

kimmyk said...

This made me laugh out loud.
I would have loved to been a fly on the wall with the first Mgr. I woulda been crackin up.
I'm the one who is always trying to smooth things over-"ok well see what you can do" and honey is like you "do it now or die" sort of mentality. I laugh at you like I laugh at him.....

no wonder I like to read your're both insane. LOL.

ieatcrayonz said...

Salesperson: This beige interior really makes the inside of the van look a lot bigger.
Bill: Really? Do you think I should start wearing beige underwear?

Wait a second. Don't you mean, "Do you think I should STOP wearing beige underwear?"

Because really, who wants a bigger, roomier ass?

P.S. I LOVE the car dealership banter. You are my hero.

Lois Lane said...

Great advice from your pops! Checkout Edmunds dot com. Find yourself a nice used car, with some 30,000 miles on it or so. When driving around, if you see a car you like, don't stop and look. Call them instead. See what the price is. Let them know they are asking too much. Thank them for their time and they will come down. They will keep you at the dealership all friggin' day otherwise. Knowing what the going rates are will help you from getting bent over the hood of your next potential new car. (This was how I got my $15,000-sticker price Buick for $10,000.)
Lois Lane

Cat said...

"Oh, we can refuse that." I think I love your wife. And I had the same question as yonz, actually. You WANT to look bigg--

Oh. Never mind. (awkward)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so taking you guys car shopping with me! Rob and I have yet to buy a car together and I think we'll completely suck at it. Rob's too nice and I'm too impulsive.

And yes, I wondered what crayonz wondered and then what occurred to cat occurred to me and then I cast the whole thing from my mind.

Cheryl said...

Geez, going car shopping with you guys sounds entertaining enough that it might be something less than torture! I kept laughing while I was reading this and my six-yr-old kept asking, "What are you laughing about?" and "Why is that funny?"

Tammy said...

You guys sound ike a hoot! You can go car shopping with me anytime! It is such a chore that I hate doing. But to make it fun - that's great!

Michelle said...

I think some car salespeople aren't used to people getting up and leaving when they don't get what they want. Me and my husband did just that and the look on the saleswoman's face was priceless.

Of course, as soon as we got into our car to leave my husband's cellphone rings...

Anonymous said...

Kudos for giving the car guy the whatfor. Sometimes it just takes persistence and patience. You'll find the right ride. (maybe with flames on the side)

Mama Duck said...

I'd totally like to see some travertine tile in my next car. Carpet, shmarpet.

Anonymous said...

Go the used/lease return route, save the money and the aggravation. That is the money smart thing to do.
I had a salesman tell me I was crazy for not taking his deal for a new four passenger vehicle as I stood here with my visibly pregnant wife, and my two children.

I understand car dealerships are the outermost ring of Dantes Inferno

Unknown said...

That's pretty funny! I hate the process of buying a new car. Actually I loved buying my Saturn because back then there was no haggling and not a ton of cars to pick from, especially in my price range. I especially loved the whole driving off the showroom floor while the Saturn people applauded me thing.

Kami said...

Oooh, sucky. Luckily, I have a friend who is a Honda GM!

Anonymous said...

You should do a TV show about this. I predict awesome ratings. Buying a new/used car is such a hassle. Thank God I don't do it too often. Sounds like you are having fun with it though. That is some funny stuff


Alisa said...

Beige underwear and hardwood floors...I love it! You guys kick ass!! I don't care who ya are, that's some funny shit right there.

LizzieDaisy said...

I actually DID LOL... I love the sarcasm. Live on that stuff. I also love the flames. Maybe your wife will let you have whatever you buy repainted. :)

I'd get a pre-leased or year-old if I had the money to buy something that new. Drive off the lot price just doesn't seem worth it.

shmarpet... that was good too MD. Hee.

Susie said...

Seriously, you two are ready to put on your beige undies and take this show on the road! Very funny :)

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

If this blogger-"job" doesn't work out, you might consider writing dialog for sitcoms.


Melanie said...

Can I borrow you guys next time we buy a car? That was hysterical. They should give you the deal you want just for being the funniest customers that day.

Anonymous said...

You can go car shopping with me anytime also,lol, that was so funny! I would have loved to have been there to see the salespeoples faces! :)