Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Winnie's Butt

Trying to get packed for the move sucks. We have had garage sales. Gave to Goodwill and Purple Heart. Taken stuff to the dump. We still have a ton of stuff. The worst part is trying to pack and still live in the same place. We have not done a solid food shopping in a month because we don't want to waste anything. So it comes down to what is left in the fridge and cabinets that we bought a while ago but never ate because we questioned why we bought it in the first place.
While I was feeding Max, Lauren was making dinner and her comment was "Dinner smells like Winnie's butt". Winnie is one of the 2 cats we have. Dinner did not sound so appetizing. It ended up tasting okay though. My thoughts this morning are the whole subject is "No wonder Bogart (the other cat) is always licking Winnie's Butt. Gross I know.

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nurselisa35 said...

Maybe Bogie is just a kiss ass,lol.