Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Pope is hot

We had dinner tonite at Rose and Paul Costa's house. It was sort of a going away party. The Welch's were there. Gary and Julie and Kids. We are really going to miss these neighbors. They are fun and friendly and the types of neighbors everyone should have. We talked about all types stuff but mostly about raising kids which fits this blog perfectly. One topic was Pope John Paul II. It got me thinking that many people have pictures of him on their walls like a teenager would have a rock star poster or a bikini clad model picture. My comment. "The Pope is hot".

To the makers of childrens clothes. Especially, the makers of childrens pants (children who still wear diapers). To these pants makers I say...why oh why do you make pants WITH OUT the snaps around the inseam. Have you ever tried to change the diapers on a one year old? Not only is it a miraculous feat to remove the pants, but you need to be an Olympic level athlete to put the "No snaps around the inseam " pants back on.

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