Saturday, February 19, 2005

About Me

I was born # 6 of 9 kids in Hatboro PA. That's right 9 kids. 1 girl (the oldest) 8 boys. I have always been amazed that my parents could raise 9 somewhat normal children. My dad and mom used to have some interesting ways of dealing with the nine kids. My personal favorite was when one of us would ask at dinner, "Mom, what's in this?". My father always replied. "POOP and BOOGIES. Shut up and eat it.". Not the same as "there are kids starving in China" but we got the message.

I became a dad in March of 2004, again in June 2006 and a third time in January 09. I have three boys. My sons Maxfield,
Wyatt and Jackson

have taught me a lot about what my parents meant when they did or said certain things. Poop and Boogies is the name of my blog (a fitting name for a blog about raising children) which is about my parents' influence on me as a parent.

My wife Lauren does her best to maintain her sanity in house filled with snakes and snails and puppy dog tails (because that's what little boys are made of). This blog was originally set up as a way for family and friends to keep in touch with us when we moved to Orlando Florida in 2005. We have since moved back to our hometown but the blog has kind of taken a life of its own.

William Meakim

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Andy ~ said...

With a name like Poop and Boogies I just had to drop in. Great name, great blog! I just started a 'struggling' parent blog too. But my title does not rock like yours!

Merry Christmas!