Friday, July 22, 2005

Prodigal Son

We will be traveling back up to Pennsylvania in August. This will be the first visit “home” since we moved 1000 miles south and 8 states away. We will be staying with my parents. My mom is quite excited to have Maxfield staying with her. Lauren and I are merely Max’s means of transportation to PA.

Mom sent out an email to my siblings. Part of it read …"we will have a family get together to welcome the Florida (our Last Name), who will be visiting for a week. Hope the date is good for all. This way everyone will have a chance to touch base with the family, and see how Maxfield has grown. It will be casual. We'll have food and drink. Not sure yet what the menu will be. Time wise, it will be afternoon say, around 2:30 or so, till whenever. Please let me know if you are coming. "

I think it is very nice that my mom is arranging to have a gathering for us. It will be easier than Lauren and I trying to visit everyone while we are there. My other brother’s have already started with the barrage of comments.

Lawn Whisperer replied to all: "This is an outrage! How come he gets a special day? Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, and Bill Day. That is amazing. Bill, you should be honored. Jim never had a Day, and Tony (brother in law) has yet to have a Day. That is impressive that you leap frogged those two. August **st is now Bill Day. The same guy that makes fun of us over the internet. The Blogosphere is filled with jokes about us, and incriminating pictures because of Bill, but he gets a Day. I am not jealous. No."

Dan replied to all: "I moved to Florida for a short period of time..............YEAH, NO PARTY
I have been in New Jersey for 12 years now, and not once has someone had a party for me because I moved out of state............NO PARTY Bill, who must be MOM'S 2nd favorite son, has been gone for maybe 4 months and is getting a summer bash. I think we should make it just like old times and get a little rowdy so the Police Department have something to do on that weekend. I hear it has been a little quiet around there since we all moved away with the exception of Mike and Baby Jesus (The Favorite)."

I have not heard of any other fall out from my other siblings.
John (LW) did call me to tell me he is calling his local congressman to see if it can be a National Holiday. He said, "Oh I am wiriting it in my calendar right now. Next year there better be a Bill Day."

I know I am loved.


lawn whisperer said...

2:30 till whenever translates into 2:30 til 3:26 for me.

Candace said...

Is Maxfield the only grandchild? Or the youngest?

Cos that would make sense. You know it's totally NOT a Bill Day. It's a Maxfield Day.

My parents lived briefly in Florida after I gave birth to my first child (youngest grandchild by about 8 years at that point). I flew down to see them...the minute we stepped off the plane, they both GRABBED the baby from my hands and started walking away.

I am not kidding.

I'm still scarred.

G-Side Pride said...

im the only grandchild who is the favorite of both of the grandparents. Thats right i said and i believe it.
G-Side Pride is the best.

Cat said...

I love how your parents think. We live 2200 miles away from all of our family (and there are a lot of them, too! I have 5 sibs, TGIM has 8! and then there are the nieces and nephews!), so we always make sure everyone knows ahead of time when we're coming so we can all converge and play!

But the formal announcement from the matriarch/patriarch? We never get one of those! I am so freaking jealous!

And your sibs are HILARIOUS.

No_Newz said...

Oh bull! Tell those siblings of yours this is Maxfield's Day. Bill is merely a middle child, who shall remain overlooked and overshadowed by the cuteness of the baby.
Sincerely, the baby of my family, Lois Lane

suzanh said...

That is great. All hail Bill Day. Will there be a parade? Lawn signs? Midget clowns tossing Mardi Gras beads?

Your family is awesome.

kalki said...

I just love your family.

Lauren's sister Lisa said...

Bill, you are too funny! Looking forward to seeing you guys!