Monday, July 11, 2005

Like a Hawk

I saw this sitting in a tree down the street. I had to take a picture of it.

From the Homeowners Association Newsletter.

“BE AWARE---Have you noticed a larger number of hawks in our neighborhood these days? We don’t mind them hunting for mice and snakes, BUT they will swoop down and pick up kittens and small dogs such as Yorkies, too, SO-keep an eye on your tiny pets.”

I think this may solve our snake problem and possibly our Cat and Yorkie problem.


Effie said...

Those Yorkies can sure pose a problem, yup! Kinda cool/scary that you have hawks around though....Maybe the snake was trying to get in away from the hawk?

Random and Odd said...


Mary P. said...

Gorgeous birds! I often admire the hawks I see, circling so gracefully in the thermals high above a field when I drive through the country, but I've never, ever been that close to one. And these are obviously living in a built-up area. Wow. You're so lucky. (Even if the neighbourhood Yorkies are in peril.)

No_Newz said...

Great photos! Whatever you do, don't dress Max in a mouse suit for Halloween. ;)
Lois Lane

Candace said...

Ugh, those Yorkies are a real nuisance, aren't they?