Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom/USA

Today is my Mom's Birthday. Since my Mom was born on the Fourth of July we always had a family picnic in honor of her. This is the first year I have missed it in 35 years. We went to the home owners association annual kid's parade. Our neighborhood has all the kids decorate their bikes, wagons, skateboards and dogs and they parade around the neighborhood.
Lauren mad Max a covered wagon and we joined in the parade. Afterwards they had water ice and watermelon for everyone. It was nice.


Mary P. said...

That wagon is great!!! Lauren is very talented. Not only is it kind of historically authentic (did they use floral prints?), but it's a great sunshade for the boy. And a hidey-hole, which all little kids love. Does it get any better, Max?

Effie said...

Once again--Lauren is VERY talented with her sewing ability! That is such a cute wagon! Must have been a fun parade--I hope you called your Mom and sang her "Happy Birthday"--and set off a few firecrackers for her!