Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New Hobby

I kind of have a new hobby. I make my own pickles. About 10 years ago I tried to cure fresh olives. My experiment failed.About 5 years ago I expressed interest in making my own pickles. That experiment also failed.

Last year my wife, Lauren,  remembered I had an interest in making my own pickles and she bought me some pickling spices.  I have been experimenting since the summer. Most of the results are a success.
I have tried adding various peppers, spices, and herbs and I now have a fairly decent and consistent recipe. I make about 4 to 5 jars of pickle spears at a time.

Lately, in an effort not to waste anything,  I have been taking all of the left overs; spices, pickling juice and the tips of the pickling cucumbers and making a jar or two of what I am calling "Just the Tip".
The results of "Just the Tips"  have been pretty good.

Lauren, as she said tonight, finds the name disturbing.

I need a new name. Any suggestions?


Charlotte in Pa said...

The Mohel Pickling Company? Bobbitts? Tids and Bits?

Unknown said...

One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard is that some males, who grew-up without any sisters, believe that "girls don't poop!" You can Google this phrase if you don't believe me, to see what I mean, and I've even asked about it on various sites, only to be told that I'm silly for believing that they really think that.

But what I'd really like to know is this: why would men continue to believe that we never poop, after learning in biology that all fetuses start-out looking female, regardless of their actual sex, until the genitals form around the 12th week of gestation? I mean, it seems ridiculous for anyone to believe that, considering that all babies poop in their diapers.

I'm sure there are also some men who, after learning that baby girls do, in fact, poop in their diapers, decided to tell themselves that we stop pooping upon menarche, then resume after menopause, which is every bit as ridiculous as just thinking we never poop at all!

So why do men think we're so radically different than they were at age 12 (or however old they were), when they had pubic hair but hadn't yet gotten their big voice drop? I mean, they'd like to paint us as these "mythological creatures," kind of like angels, with no "disgusting" bodily functions! But I can assure you that after menstruating for 20 years now, what I produce multiple times a day is every bit as brown and stinky as anything produced by any non-impregnable creature!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hope you are doing well! Do you have a new blog somewhere?

Anonymous said...

BTW, this was a funny post and I love what Les Veronica said! LOL If I could remember my blog account stuff, I would use it down there for my identity. Dunno if you will even be notified that I am checking in. Used to write a blog called Muddled Ponderings of a Canadian trapped in the states. I should go check it out, have not written in YEARS. Hope you are all well! Came on here hoping that you guys had had another gorgeous baby! LOL