Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dog House

Last night we had an "issue". The "issue" was with the Xbox and playing time and "games saved" and "progress lost". At least that is what I tell myself.

The real issue was when I told my kids it was time to turn off the machine and go to bed.

My oldest and I exchanged words. Not positive words. I would like to say they were NOT negative words but anything outside NOT positive is not favorable in a 10 year old's eyes. There were gnashing of teeth,wringing of hands and rolling of eyes.  Tears and mayhem followed. The oldest is punished and privileges revoked.

It will be a long week or so for the oldest.

Tonight our one year old puppy dog had an issue. The "issue" was with the couch. The puppy dog chewed through the base of the couch causing a gaping hole and foam stuffing misplaced everywhere.  The hole will be there for many years since the couch is only 3 years old.  The dog and I exchanged looks and sounds. Why?  Because he is a dog. I would like to say they were NOT negative looks and sounds but anything outside of NOT positive is not favorable in a 1 year old dog's eye. Privileges are revoked.

It will be along week or so for the puppy dog.

I came home tonight after a few hours of meetings and sports to find the two of them, the oldest boy and the puppy dog , sleeping together on the couch. As they sleep, they are both peaceful.

The oldest son knows he is in the "Dog House" with me. The puppy dog knows he is in the "Kid's house" with me. Both of them dreaming of a way of how they can push their punishment off on the other.

As mad as I am,  I am also glad they have an ally right now.
It will be a long week or so for me.


Charlotte in Pa said...

Great post! People who think punishments only bother the kids are so wrong. Having to deal with the kids whine about their punishments is almost as painful as the actual punishment is for the kid. I suggest you invest in beer.

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