Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favorite Part of the Day

Almost every night, when I put the boys to bed, right before I kiss them goodnight and turn off the light I ask them, "What was your favorite part of the day?"

I ask this question for two reasons. The first, I am curious. The second I think it gives them a good image to think about before going to sleep. Maybe that way they will have happy dreams.

This Summer I have been collecting their answers.

"Playing my DS."

"Going out for water ice."

"Beating you at Wii bowling."

"Picking Strawberries with mom."

"Going to the comic convention."
"Going swimming at G's house."

"The fireworks."

"Catching Lightning Bugs.."
"The cookie on the face game."
"The water balloon fight."

"The water balloon sling shot thing."

"Getting my band at the swim club."

"Swim lessons."
 "Going on the slip and slide."

"Going to Dairy Queen."

"Going to see Cars 2."
"Throwing rocks at the park. "

"Getting Slurpees."
"Watching Wild Kratts."

"Playing baseball and getting a hit."

"Going to Zach's house."

"Going fishing."

"Catching a fish."

I then say good night to the boys and turn off the light. It is at this point that is my favorite part of the day.  I can relax knowing that they are safe and tucked into their beds and that they and I are lucky enough to have favorite parts of the day.


teri said...

you really have a great family, Bill. Love this post.

Anonymous said...

You stink at the cookie on the face game.

Anonymous said...

Did you say strawberries and whipped cream?

Queen of Dishing said...

I must know about this cookie on the face game pronto. We have a family get together on Saturday and it looks perfect!

Greg and Tracey said...

Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

MAX...missing both his front cute!!!

i love your boys...ilove your family.

can i be their aunt?

jcbrown208 said...

Great post and excellent idea to ask their favorite part of the day...helps them make more memories. Especially memories of a Dad that cares enough to ask what their favorite part of the day was. You are a great Dad!

jcbrown208 said...

Great post and excellent idea to ask their favorite part of the day...helps them make more memories. Especially memories of a Dad that cares enough to ask what their favorite part of the day was. You are a great Dad!

BloggerFather said...

It's funny how no matter what horrible things happen to kids during the day (in their minds, I mean, like not playing enough Wii Bowling), they end the day happy knowing they had a good day. Just another lesson we should learn from them.

Adam Hickey said...

It's refreshing to see such simple activities be the favorite part of the day for someone. It's a nice reminder to not stress out and take pleasure in the small things.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Looks like you are having a terrific summer.

Claire said...

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bisnis internet said...

you have a great family..i really enjoy you all

Chirashizushi said...

Hi there,
I love your practice of asking their favorite thing of the day.
I babysit for a couple of families in my neighbor hood, and I usually babysit during the evening and thus, I have to put them to bed. I think I'll try doing this :)
Its so great that your boys have you, I remember my dad's bedtime ritual (which was to give a little head massage thing) and sometimes when I'm stressed out, or I can't fall asleep, I do it for myself and it works like a charm.
Way to go for building precious memories with your sons!

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Online Preacher d said...

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Unknown said...

what a great list of things they have done!

Anonymous said...

this was a fantastic way to start my day! thank you so much for sharing (and for giving me great ideas to entertain my future kids one day!)

Anonymous said...

It is funny how Jackson's hand and mouth turn the color of the strawberries. I remember your hands and mouth being Olive colored from Martini olives.

Anonymous said...

Certain liberties were taken in the last comment as it was actually the color of scotch that I wanted to reference but Olives translated better. Rogelieu hates when liberties are taken when writing

Karen said...

I was on the board woak in Ocean City today about 1 pm. Saw a guy who immediately made me think of you. Wearing a navy blue t-shirt with a big gold 5 on it. Had two small boys and a stroller with him. And he called the oldest boy Max.
Was it you?
I will be mad if it was, since I was too shy to speak up... if it wasn't you I woudl have been mortified... plus you don't know me so it woudl have been weird if it was you....

Stay At Home Brad said...

That is really cool. I'm going to remember to do this when mine is talking. Got a while though, it's not even arrived yet!

Unknown said...

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