Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have been working on trying to get eveything lined up for the new look of Poop and Boogies. By working I mean I have called two people; one to design the look and feel of the blog and the other person to do the installation. I am treating this process kind of like how the recipe of Krispy Kreme donuts is handled, not one person has all the ingredients/recipe, that way it is a big secret.

Before I work out the final details I wanted to see if anyone who reads this blog has any suggestions or recommendations. I am looking for feedback. If you would be so kind, could you answer a few questions for me?

1. What other blogs do you read? Why?

DOS. As far as overall look and feel (design) what are your favorite blogs?

Trois. How do you get to, or read Poop and Boogies? Do you come through Facebook? Twitter? Do you have it bookmarked or linked? Google Reader? Or subscription?

Fore. How did you find P & B? Was it a link in someones sidebar? Did you click on a comment or link in some one's post?

V. What kind of stories do you like to read here? Funny? Serious? About my kids? About my childhood? What would you like to see here?

Rocky 6. What don't you like about this site?

7. Would you recommend Poop and Boogies to a friend? If so would you feel weird telling your friend to go read Poop and Boogies? Seriously, you are at a bar with your buddy or at the water cooler at work, would you be able to say "Poop and Boogies" with a straight face? If yes, please tell your friends to visit.


Charlotte in Pa said...

1) I like The Bloggess and Miss Zoot because like you, they mix the funny with the family stuff. Plus they post a lot. I read some "real life" friends and then friends that I've made on the internet. (Jana, Bucky, Kalki, etc.)

2) Obviously looks awesome. I like - any blog where I can get to all of the content on the front page makes me happy.

3) It's in our list on our blog. I also sometimes just type it in.

4) From Kristine (Random and Odd) when they did the design for you, I think.

5) I like it all. You're an amazing writer. I think it's great that you have a mix of all of those things. Would love to see you interview your brothers or them interview you. Or hear a tale from childhood from differing viewpoints.

6) I honestly like it all. I'm happy you're getting a redesign, but I think it's fine the way it is. (PS - I know that some people will complain about the ads, but I didn't really notice them until I took a good look at the site just now)

7) I recommend Poop and Boogies all of the time. (I think it's the Thursday night special at IHOP)

Ann said...

1) Too many to list. The blogs I read fall into the following categories: Christian Thinking, Family & Friends, Frugal Living, Household, Kitchen & Cooking, Mommies & Crafties, Politics, and Miscellaneous. I do not read all of them all the time, but those are the ones I keep tabs on. Love me some Google Reader.

2) I usually read the blogs in Reader, so the look isn’t too important to me. I want the entire post to appear there so I don’t have to navigate elsewhere for the rest of the story. Especially if I’m reading off my Pre.

3) I subscribed at first, but now it’s Google Reader. And sometimes I catch them on FB too.

4) I think you or Lauren told me about the blog pretty early on and I eventually looked it up. I started reading it and a few days later you were speculating if someone in the neighborhood was reading your blog because of some cones or something in your driveway that seemed to refer to a previous post you had written. I DIDN’T put those cones there, but I was mortified that you’d find out I read the blog and believe that I was really a stalker. :)

5) I pretty much enjoy everything you write. You’re a good writer. Knowing your family makes it even more enjoyable, but I have a number of friends that read you just because I’ve told them about you all and they love your stuff too.

6) The fact that you took your family far, far away from Woodside Village – we miss you!!

7)Been there, done that …

Sharkey said...

1. The "big" names I read are Woulda Coulda Shoulda, Suburban Turmoil, Cake Wrecks, Pioneer Woman. All of these are funny, and the first two are sometimes more serious too. Plus I read the bloggers I "know" (i.e., you, Susie, Eclectic, CK, KLOG, etc.) of course.

2. It's all about the content, baybee. Suburban Turmoil and Cake Wrecks just use vanilla Blogger templates. Doesn't matter--they're entertaining regardless.

3. If I see a Twitter or FB link, I click it. If I don't happen to see it, I read in Bloglines once it gets around to it.

4. It was probably through a comment you left somewhere. Maybe at Susie's place? Probably at one of those Christmas hootenannies she's famous for hosting.

5. Yes.

6. What's not to like?

7. Absolutely. I told my mom and step dad about you signing fake names on the credit card machines (dork!), and the one where you took Max to the grocery store so you could get small bills for Father-Son Day at the nudie bar. That one still makes me laugh when I think about it.

eclectic said...

I link you on my sidebar and I click over from there. I found you through your hilarious comments at Susie's place waaaaaaay back when. It doesn't matter to me how it looks or where it is so long as you are writing it and I can link to it.

Bogart said...

1. She actually often reminds me of you...only cuter.

DOS. Have not found many I thought were particularly great. I sorta like your design b/c it is original, but since you have to punt...Maden Metallurgist is pretty good.

Trois. Bookmarked and sometimes through my blog.

Fore. Time Magazine

V. Most of them...but you are clearly not a writer.

Rocky 6. That you don't talk about scrapple more often.

7. Pretty sure I have single-handedly jumped your readership by like 4. I really don't know where you would be without me.

Barb said...

1. I read Susie (...missing her lately!). Used to read Baby Daddy (my son's blog) but he stopped posting when Little Dude reached his first birthday. Blog Fathers, and The Egel Nest.

3. Google reader.

4. Followed you home from Susie's a LONG time ago.

5. I like to read anything you post. You put a spin on EVERYTHING that makes every post worth reading. The columnist who said you were obviously not a writer, was herself obviously not much of a reader.

7. I HAVE recommended P&B (to my son), and often send him some of your funniest posts...especially if you post something about your boys, because I'm sure Little Dude will say a lot of similar things to embarrass Dad.

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader, so I can't really comment on the content, other than to say that I do love me a good papa story.

I found your blog through an old article where the blog was featured as part of a collection of Dad blogs.

I subscribe in Google Reader.

Don't change the header. It's kick ass . . .

The blog is clean, well-written, and seems stable. Don't go tinkering too much.

Hope that helps . . .

Jennifer Uribe said...

1. I read The Meanest Mom, My Charming Kids, Go Blog Yourself, What will I ever do with my life, and blogs by my family and friends.

2. I like Meanest Mom's site and I like My Charming Kids, but it sometimes takes too long to load (many happy pictures!).

3. I have your blog listed in the blogs I read widget on my blog.

4. I was perusing my friend's blogs and one of them commented on and entry you did about your eldest son not needing you anymore because he was growing up too quickly. It was the one where you go to the park. Anyway, I LOVED it and I shared it with the friends on my bulletin board and shared it on my family blog.

V. I read everything you write and I like it all. You don't hold anything back, you keep things humorous and catch me off guard with the end of your stories.

6. I wish you had time to post more!

7. I tell everyone about your blog and given the number of times I've watched my blog traffic leave and come to your site, I think you have them hooked too!

Ali said...

1) Lots, mostly mommy blogs: Dooce, Mandajuice, Ramblings of a SAHM, Notes from the Trenches, Pioneer Woman, Gigglepotamus!
2) I use Google Reader, so I don't really see many designs.
3) Google Reader
4) A link, but I can't remember where from. Maybe Ramblings of a SAHM? It's been a few years.
5) Love the funny ones about you observations on you children. I often feel the same way, but you describe things so much better! But I like it all.
6) Hmmmm.
7) Read most posts out loud to my husband and we both crack up. Love it!

traci said...

I got here through Susie a long time ago. I have you in my favorite list. Have any design you want, I'll keep reading no matter what the joint looks like!

Becky said...

1. I read others blogs to see what is new, for humor purposes, to get ideas, to enjoy good writing.
2. I like the three column layouts the best. That way you don't have to scroll all over up and down to see things.
3. I now have you linked. I used to go thru my sis's blog to read you. Now you are all mine!
4. It was a link in someone's sidebar. The titles of the posts are what originally got me reading!
5. I love reading funny stories or stories about ironic things that happen in your life!
6. Nothing that I don't like about your blog except maybe frequencies of posts, but I am not on here all day you know!
7. I would definitely recommend your bloggie to friends! When I enjoy things I share them with others!

Hope this helps you out with your bloggie and gives you some pride in a job wellllllll done!

Lunch Buckets said...

You sure ask a lot of freakin' questions. I only feel like answering one. Maybe three.

3. Google reader
4. don't remember

Nope, guess it was just two.

Melissa in TN said...

1.I read Her Bad Mother,Pinoeer Woman,dad gone mad,Attack of the redneck mother,boobs & dr. pepper,and motherhood uncensored.They are all funny and real.
2. Don't really care about looks I read for content.
3.Poop&boogies is in my favorites.
4.From someones blogroll I don't remember who.
5.Love the childhood stories,really antyhing thats cute and funny,real life is so funny to me.
7.Have and will continue to recomendP&B (maybe not with a straight face)

Sandy Shirley said...

1) I read mostly craft and sewing blogs.
2)I like pictures and short posts.
4)Elizabeth (Creative Breathing).
5)Funny posts.
6) ?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it's the name.... how can you NOT click on a sidebar link titled "Poop and Boogies"?

SciFi Dad said...

Un: mostly parenting blogs
Duo: I like clean designs with dark text on white background
Drei: Google Reader
IV: a list of "best dad blogs" a few years back
The Empire Strikes Back: I prefer your parenting stories and the stuff about your kids
六: lack of tags/categories/labels
Se7en: I recommend a high fibre diet and antihistamines to all my friends.

MrsDoF said...

One of your comments on somebody else's blog is what brought me here the first time, but now P & B is in my Bookmarks.
Maybe sometime I'll put you on the Google Reader List, since it is easier to see newest posts.
My computer housekeeping is wa-ay behind, but P&B is a blog I want to keep coming back to.
Your way with words, seeing the funny side of the situation is refreshing. Rarely a rant or negative approach.
The look of the blog page is not so important as what the words say.

I read all kinds of blogs, usually craft themes, but many are with family/ kid pictures because my empty nest seems so lonesome right now, and grandkids are still some vague hope for the future.

The only other person I've told about your blog is my Mister Decrepit Old Fool, but he also thinks Poop & Boogies is a cool name. He's not so much into baby pictures though. He tends to read blogs written by scientists predicting doomsday and what is being done to stop it.


ps Blogger and I have not been adjusting well to each other, so if I would want you to change anything, it would be to go to a service provider which accepts my MrsDoF moniker and password.

Holly in Michigan said...

1. Besides your blog, I read Suburban Bliss, Breed 'Em And Weep, Pioneer Woman, Nothing But Bonfires, Coal Creek Farm, Smitten Kitchen, anything by Catherine Newman, Dooce, Finslippy. I read these because I enjoy their writings and their situations. Sometimes they are very similar but sometimes they are oh so different from mine, but usually have a funny or interesting spin - or they just have great recipes!
2. Overall look & feel I like Pioneer Woman best.
3. I have Poop & Boogies bookmarked.
4. Can't remember how I found P&B, but most likely through a link on someone else's blog.
5. I love all your stories, especially the ones about your kids now and the ones about coming from a big family.
6. Can't think of anything I don't like.
7. Yes I would recommend P&B - would get a good laugh out of the name.

Susie said...

I don't read blogs much anymore. Just the people I consider online friends, now. I do look at several times a week. I have realized, in the last couple of years, that I'm not cool enough, or too old or something, to be a serious blog reader. The blogs that most people seem to love (including the one where many of us "met,"), I just don't find entertaining, amusing . . . nada.

I came here after you commented at my place. (Incidentally, it appears that a lot of other people did, too. When you get rich from this thing, I'll be needing some sort of finder's fee or kickback or whatnot. Have your people call my people.)

I have you on bloglines, but I come over when I see you on Twitter, too.

I like nearly all of what you write; I prefer a mix of funny and serious.

I will not recommend you to a friend; I'm greedy and keep good stuff to myself. (Unless your people get with my people about that payola thing.)

Seriously, when I see that you've updated, it is a bright spot in my day and I want to see what you have to say.

Blog design is of little or no significance to me. It's the words. Just don't put light words on a dark background, and we're good.

MrsDoF said...

Susie says a good many other folks came over here from her place.
It must be true, because I have a Folder called "Susie's Neighborhood" in my Bookmarks, which is where P & B and Gigglepotamus are listed.

I'm not sure I should admit that, seeing she might be wanting a Finder's Fee soon.


JennyMac said...

Your site name was the reason I clicked on in the first place (from someones blogroll). Great name. Made me crack up.

I like the mix of funny and family too. You can do a great banner in photoshop (super easy. I like pics relevant to the blogs. And I know other moms who would love to see your site too so I will pass it along.

Sheri said...

. What other blogs do you read? Why?

Ann Nahm
Queen of Dallas
Jenelle's Journey
Dad Gone Mad
Random & Odd

Many others that are too numerous to list

I reed them because I relate to the blogger in some way. Either we are the same age, live in the same area, have kids, grew up in the same area, etc., etc. I try to stay away from the "all drama all the time" blogs, or the blogs where the blogger constantly plays the victim instead of the victor!

DOS. As far as overall look and feel (design) what are your favorite blogs?

Ones that are easy to read without a lot of flashy stuff or sound. Flashy stuff takes too long to load and blogs with music gets me busted when viewing at the office.

Trois. How do you get to, or read Poop and Boogies? Do you come through Facebook? Twitter? Do you have it bookmarked or linked? Google Reader? Or subscription?

I have you bookmarked

Fore. How did you find P & B? Was it a link in someones sidebar? Did you click on a comment or link in some one's post?

I think I clicked through from Dad Gone Mad and stayed when I realized that you live in PA (I grew up there); my mom used to tell me we were having "Poop & Boogies" for dinner when I asked; you seem like a great dad, your kids are as cute as a button, and your wife seems like a sweetie pie. Sounds stalkerish, no?

V. What kind of stories do you like to read here? Funny? Serious? About my kids? About my childhood? What would you like to see here?

So far you've kept me very entertained no matter what you've written about. I love that you are sincere and honest as well as your whit and charm.

Rocky 6. What don't you like about this site?

Can't think of anything

7. Would you recommend Poop and Boogies to a friend? If so would you feel weird telling your friend to go read Poop and Boogies? Seriously, you are at a bar with your buddy or at the water cooler at work, would you be able to say "Poop and Boogies" with a straight face? If yes, please tell your friends to visit.

Sure I'd tell them. I tell people all the time.

Lowa said...

1) Not many. I don't even blog anymore. I read a few here and there because I have read them for a few years. Main ones I check on regularly are you and your wife's:)Because I want to keep up on what is going on and I enjoy both of your blogs. I also enjoy the few other blogs I read and want to keep up with them, but I have more limited time lately.

2) Ones like this, that I can read. I have gone to ones before that have white type on black background and not only can I not focus on the words, but I get a migraine if I look at it for more than 4 seconds. This one is not all cluttered and busy, it is nice and neat. This one looks fine to me!

3)I have it bookmarked:)

4)I found you when I was reading Amanda's blog and she said you funny yours was. Now she stopped blogging:( *sniff*

5)Whatever you write. What is on your mind. I love reading any of it!

6)When there are typing errors (typos) because you typed too fast and did not have time to check. That doesn't matter though, because you have limited time and still write awesome stuff! It is too bad that your brother was jealous of you and quit...I enjoyed his blog too!

7)Of course! And I have plenty of times:) I love the name, that is part of the attraction...peaks the curiosity. My oldest son often asks me, "How is it going at Poop and Boogies lately??" I let my kids read the Max breaking his femur one and they were all sad and winced and we have been praying for you guys.

In short, I don't see a need for a change but do what you feel you must. My hubby designs web pages and if you need more help let us know. He would jump at the chance to help you...even though my own blog has fallen by the wayside and STILL doesn't have it's redesign done that I asked for more than three years ago:) LOL

Hope this helps!

Shannon said...

1. I mostly follow cooking, baking and crafting blogs. I love new recipes and crafting ideas. But, thanks to funny comments I've read on your blog, I've recently begun following Dooce, Creative Breathing, Random and Odd, Daddy Scratches and, of course, Gigglepotamus.

2. It's all about content. I don't care if a blog looks all fanciful- as long as it's got great substance!

3. Gotcha bookmarked!

4. Not quite sure where I found you. You were a link on someone else's sidebar, I know that much. Coulda been Dolly Mama Strikes Again! And like Lauren said, it was the name that initially got me. I mean, c'mon, only someone with absolutely no sense of humor wouldn't click on P & B!

5. Absolutely everything!!! Being a goofy, silly person myself, I guess I'm partial to the funny, goofy posts, but truthfully I love them all!

6. There is not one thing I don't like about your blog. Seriously. I think it is some of the best writing on God's green earth. Keep on doin' what you're doin' and don't change a thing!

7. I recommend you to anyone who loves a good read and will appreciate your sense of humor! Like I said in #4, only someone with no sense of humor would be offended by the name Poop & Boogies, and really, such a person is not worthy to read your blog.

That has got to be the longest comment I have ever made! Phew!

Melinda said...

First of all, I hate questionnaires, but for you I will participate.
1. I read mostly food blogs, you are the exception to the rule. My favourite is Breadbasketcase, Heavenly Cake Place, Cookie Baker Lynn, Evil Cake Lady and Pinknest. We have all become blog friends now. I didn't know any of them before blogging but really look forward to all their posts and comments.

Dos. I don't respond well to glitter blogs but there really are some cool things available now to use on the blog. But I prefer the blog to be simple and cleanly laid out. I click on your ads so I am hoping you get some money for that.
(I don't really read them though!)

Trois. I type you in the old fashion way. I am a dinosaur.

Fore. I found you way back on Stepping over the Junk's blogroll.
Lauren is right. I just had to find out what Poop and Boogies was about. I loved it and still do.

V.I like all your stories. I adore hearing how being a father makes you think, reflect, laugh and gets yourself in deep doo doo sometimes. You can't make these things up!
I love seeing your boys.
Tangent warning: There is a little American boy on an Microsoft advert shown here. I'll swear it is Maxfield. He looks just like him and he says he is 5.

7. Yes, I have recommended you. And they looked shocked to hear 'Poop' come from my saintly mouth.

Anonymous said...

1. I have a lot of blogs that I read, Dooce, Mighty Girl, Finslippy, Fussy, and some of my friends have blogs as well.

2. I don't really have a favorite design.

3. I have it bookmarked in my favorites

4. I was reading P&B from the blogfathers - but the site seems to be down or something for a bit so I linked it off your wife's blog ( I read her's too)

5. I enjoy all the stories that you post, and since we are expecting a boy soon ( EDD Aug 21) I'm kinda familarizing myself with boys ( we already have a girl)

6. Can't think of anything that stands out really.

7. Yes I would- I love the name of the blog and think it works well.

All the best

Michelle said...

1. Indigo Girl, onestopboyshop, friends and family
2. it's not about the look, it's all about the content
3. I've got you bookmarked
4. I cannot remember how I found you - probably sidebar on someone's blog
5. I love the family stories - both new and old6
6. you need more pictures. I love pictures. I'd also like Lauren to do some rebuttals. That would crack me up - she's hilarious!
7. I do recommend it - all the time.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blogs...just the way they are! (Billy Joel). I know format is an issue for the "look" ...but as far as content......I would not change a thing! Kinda like a new label..same great taste

Anonymous said...

I found you on a search...not sure EXACTLY what I was searching for...but as your partner in crime said "how can you NOT read a blog titled "poop and boogies"..." I read two blogs...and two only....and of course the other is of your lovely wife..You guys have given me so many laughs about my own son and family...don't change anything!

BKP said...

Hi - lots of questions! Yay! And the kids are napping - double YAY! (I guess that would be YAY YAY! then) - so I can answer.

1. I read Matt Logelin's blog. And MckMama's My Charming Kids. I found Matt through my local newspaper last year and his story rocked my world since I was on bed rest at the time. And MckMama I found through Blogher, I think. Can't remember. They both take incredible photos and are pretty funny people.

2. See #1. I love pictures. And I love Twitter. They do both.

3. I think I found one of your posts through a Blogher ad on Matt's blog. I think. And now you are listed as one of those I follow on my blog. I see if you have a new post when I work on my blog.

4. Oops. I'm ahead of myself. See #3.

5. I've enjoyed all that you have written that I've read. The name of the blog is truly what intrigued me. And you are dang funny and help me to feel a bit more normal in my reaction to all things parental. I can relate to you a lot for some reason - I have similar thoughts (eg, just talked w/ hubby about misc. toys parts and throwing them away but then finding where they go the very next day).

6. What don't I like? Can't say I've come across anything I don't like. Maybe write more??? But that would be bad b/c I don't need to get sucked into another blog. I'm trying hard to cut back as it is. Oh - and Tweets on a blog are fun. I think. Again.

7. Well, obvi I'd recommend it to a friend since I have a link to you on my blog and only my family and friends read my blog. And I can say it with a straight face, three times even: Poop & Boogies, Poop & Boogies, Poop AND BOOGIES!

Anonymous said...

Only one Blog for me, Poop and Boogies. I could never get as tickled anywhere else. After all, I lived it once, and am reliving it again through your words. Thanks for that! By the way, while you were taking in my mail, I was vacationing with 5 of your brothers and your sister. We missed you, but had a great time! Keep on writing. Who are these people who say you can't write? I love you. momo9

Amy M. said...

1. I read 4 blogs daily: you, Amalah, All & sundry, and Dad Gone Mad.
2. I don't really care too much about the design as long as it doesn't take too long to load.
3. bookmarked
4. From 1 of the blogs listed in #1.
5. I'll read pretty much any of your posts. I'm not picky. :)
6. Mad that Campbells is making you redesign!
7. I recommend your blog all the time. I think I've added 2-3 readers! (Okay, so I don't have many friends)

Samah said...

1. Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper, and used to follow My Tiny Kingdom. There is no particular reason for why I read them, I just think they're funny and well written.

2. I don't really pay attention to blog designs, but your layout is actually my favorite from the blogs I read.

3. bookmarked.

4. I think I got here from a link in another blog.

5. I like everything :). I think you have a really good balance of what you mentioned.

6. I cant think of anything I dont like!

7. yes i would definitely recommend poop and boogies.

sari said...

Hmm. I read a lot of blogs, most of them are "funny" sort of blogs and not too "big" in the blog world, because I like actually going to blogs where I can comment on the author of the blog will respond as opposed to going to a blog and commenting and they either ignore you or get 678 comments to each post and never respond to anyone. Call me insecure I guess.

I like blogs that aren't a) pink b) brightly colored text on a brightly colored background or 3) text that is teenty tiny to read.

I found you through the Lawnwhisperer, who I found through someone else's blog. There was some contest where that person wanted people to vote for his blog and when I clicked on the links, I found Lawnwhisperer who I thought was funnier and then I found yours.

I have you on my sidebar, I don't use a reader. I would click through from Facebook though.

Fore: see above.

I like when you're just telling stories about your life, it doesn't matter if it's when you're young or if it's now. The funny is the part I enjoy, coupled with the fact that you're obviously and completely in love with your wife and kids and family. It's nice to see that in the blog world.

My word verification is insectu - which is just a cool word to throw out there.

Peace out.

Charity Donovan said...

1.) Parenting blogs, Home Decor Blogs, and lots of fellow quad-momma blogs. Ex: Dooce, Fall of James, Steece's Pieces

I am drawn to writers with positive attitudes. I like when people have a humorous & uplifting outlook on the craziness of raising kids.

2.) I think Dooce looks great. Simple & clean.

3.) I am a follower thru blogger & have you listed on my blog roll.

4.) I found it thru the blog roll on Laid-Off Dad's blog. Now I read your blog instead! =)

5.) I love all of your always keep me guessing until the very last line & I love it!!!

The only thing I would suggest (maybe?) is for you to keep recent "Cast of Characters" photos of the family on your sidebar. Only because you don't post too many pictures & it's fun to "see" who the stories are about.

6.) There is honestly nothing that I don't like. It's really one of my favorites!

7.) OMG...The name is REASON ALONE to suggest this site to people. I ALWAYS tell people about it & I've mentioned it a couple of times on my blog. Good luck with the redesign! I'm excited to see the new digs!!!!

DGB said...

1. I read a ton of blogs. Tales From the Dad Side; Redneck Mommy; Backpacking Dad; Wind in Your Vagina; Looky Daddy; Sorry For the name just a few.

2. Honestly, I read them via a reader to keep everything organized. I only click over to comment. So while the design of a blog is important, for me the content is most important. I do like a clean look, which is what you have now.

3. See above.

4. I have no idea how I found you. Probably through the small, but interconnected world of Dad bloggers. Most likely on somebody's blog roll.

5. I'm a sucker for funny stories about kids.

6. You don't give away free ice cream.

7. I would. Sure. Why not. I've said worse things than "Poop and Boogies" while in a bar.

joanna said...

1-mostly friends and family, whose are sometimes pretty boring! :) I also read cjane and iwright. I am attracted to stories of real life, where the "voice" is witty, fun, sentimental, etc., but not overbearing - I like making fun of myself and I like to see other people doing it, too.

DOS-Hmmm...I don't know. I like simple designs, but I can't think of specific ones as examples.

Trois-I have P&B linked both on my own blog (I THINK!) and on GoogleReader. I mostly read it through GoogleReader.

Fore-I found it through iwright (I THINK!) I believe she had it on her sidebar as "Bloggin' Dads."

V. I love your funny stories about everything - kids, childhood, etc. You sound like a great dad with the essential sense of humor. I think dads keep families together. Give us more funny kids and keep being yourself. I don't care much for free stuff (I don't take the time to click links etc.)

Rocky 6-Hmmm....I don't always read the long stories, but I like to skim at least. If I have time to sit and read, I will because I love your writing style - very direct and funny.

7-I have no shame in saying "Poop & Boogies" to anyone. I might smile when I say it, but it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I love the connection to your dad, and I remember that everytime I get to your blog. I will keep pushing the blog.