Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am still not the favorite

My mom, Momo9, has picked the winners of the Proflowers contest. Although I am still not her favorite there were some decent arguments made by all the commenters.

Here are the winners.
G-Side Pride, Kcinnova, Cherioak, Nape, and Maria from NJ. I need all of you to contact me via email in the next 2days so I can send you the web codes for your gift certificate. My email address is listed at the end of my profile. Thanks to everyone who played. Thanks to Proflowers. My mom said she had fun reading all the comments.

Honorable Mention (but no gift certificate) goes to LawnWhisperer for stating his case that I am my mom's favorite son fathered by the mailman. Every one called our mailman Rocky because he wore one of those hats that had flaps to cover his ears. The same kind of hat that Rocky the squirrel wore. I always thought our mailman looked like the mad painter from Sesame Street. At a very early age my brothers always called me Rocky's son because I was the most different than the rest of them. My mom, always laughed at this, she never denied it, she just laughed.

There were/are many other bloggers who had this contest. There still may be a chance to win the gift certificate by visiting their sites.


Anonymous said...

I know momo9 hasn't clearly stated a favorite, but recent photographic evidence has surfaced that Mike Merck definately has a favorite brother.

Anonymous said...

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I won, I won, I won,

And Momo9, I owe it all to you!

Thanks Momo9!

And thanks to William for hosting this contest.

Charity Donovan said...

I didn't win??? I BREAK UP!!! lol!

Chris Cactus said...

Now that? Is an awesome contest. Makes me feel lame!

Anonymous said...

William, you need to be extra nice to Momo9 this year! I would if I could!

Thanks Momo9!! I can't wait to send these to my mom! :)

[so excited that I tried to put an exclamation point on my word verification]

arti said...

This is interesting, post more often!