Friday, February 13, 2009

Unlucky Love

Since it is Friday the 13Th and the day before Valentines Day I figured I would share with you some blogs that I love.

I always find it difficult to explain why I like certain blogs. I know that most of my favorites are funny, positive and well written but after some serious thought I realized that the common element they all share is that they all, to me, read like a conversation between me and the poster. 9 out of 10 times their posts make me want to comment on their site.

My latest favorite blog is Creative Breathing . My wife recommended her site a month or so ago and it took me a while to start reading but once I did I was hooked. When you first go there it looks all girlie and "sugar and spice and everything nice" but don't let that distract you. Her stories are awesome. Her attitude reminds me of the next blogger.

What Was I Thinking (Susie) was one of the first blogs I started to read. That was four years ago. Her posts have had the most influence and impact on me as a blogger and as a person,than any other blogger I have never met. She shares a birthday with Jackson I have given her the title of his Blog Mother.

The Wind In Your Vagina. Black Hockey Jesus is just so entertaining. You never know what you are going to get.

Bogart in P Towne Lauren says he is my blogger boyfriend.

Oh The Joys She paints word pictures without using 5 dollar words.

And, of course there is Gigglepotamus. Lauren is the hottest blogger that I know. She is gifted beyond belief. I love her blog and I love her, and I want to be the father of her babies...oh wait...I am.

Happy Valentine's Day. Tell me what blogs you love.


Anonymous said...

(...there is you first of all.) makes me laugh and I have to check it out each day.
But my first blog friend and blog I love to pieces is Marie at Breadbasketcase. She is a fellow food blogger and I love her humour.

Anonymous said...

I heart P&B

Bogart said...

Is it bad that your blog is my home page?

I also am really enjoying:

Leighann is always a fun read and RS27 at Your Beard Is Good, is a lot like the Office...might take a few episodes, but once you get what is going on, it is consistantly good.

traci said...

Your blog is growing on me and I love to visit Susie (whom you've already listed). I currently enjoy two others especially... and

Mindie said...

You are like the Blog Master. I loved all the blogs you posted today.

Anonymous said...

Susie's one of my favorites too, and of course I love P&B. Mir at Woulda Coulda Shoulda makes me laugh and/or cry every day. Ms. Gigglepotamus had a pretty good post today (as she always does) . . . I'm sure you'll agree. :)

Happy V.D.!

Anonymous said...

Like you, Susie was my first blog love. And I'm pretty fond of you since Momo9 helped me win that $70 gift code for (My mom got her flowers yesterday and so was thrilled! Thanks again!)

To name just 2 others, I love the photos and prose over at Hilary's place
and Kids!Mice!Vomit! at
(today was one of those flying mice-thingy's called a Bat. In her living room. really!!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, my friend, for your kindness, as always. I have found, over time, that I read my friends' blogs. And they feel like I'm visiting family. Family that I actually like. I read very few "famous" blogs, with the exception of yours (you know you are). I sometimes come across a blog that I think is delightful, and then I forget to write down the URL and may never see it again. I'll try to do better with that, and when I do, I'll come back here and share. I always get excited when I see that kalki has posted, although bloglines isn't letting me get to her today, to copy the URL for everyone.

Unknown said...

William, I am very touched that you recommended my blog. Your writing reminds me of my own when I am writing in my "adult" voice. I like conversational writing, and your's is the best! Thank you so very much! Elizabeth

Shane Harmony said...

I really enjoy your blog William!!! It's so great... love the humor! :) And Gigglepotamus is awesome as well!!! What a great family you all have!! :)

One blog that really inspired me to start mine up this past summer (and mine is still truly a work in progress,) is Rocco DeLuca's at ""

Really beautiful! He's an incredible musician, so he has really great way about expressing his thoughts! He also adds some beautiful photography to his posts! Had the chance to meet him and speak to him a few times, ...what a beautiful soul!!! Made his lyrics and words have that much more impact!

eclectic said...

I love blogs. I could read them all day! Oh right... I already do. ;) Yours is one of my favorites. I have excellent taste.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love blog recommendations. Off to go read now...!

Karen Deborah said...

This is a cool blog. I almost said cute and thought umm better not. This is after all a GuYS blog. I hopped frpm Coffee Bean to your buddy Bogart and now onto your list of favorites. this could be a long fun morning...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog... check out: He's one of my daily reads. Makes for some good work avoidance!

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