Monday, December 15, 2008

Inflated Ego

I was standing in the customer service line at the Toys’R’ Us, waiting to exchange a toy, when I felt someone touch my arm and say. “You’re Bill M, aren't you?"

“Yes.” I said as I turned to greet a smiling face. “And how do you know that?” I asked.

“I am Mrs. P. Paul and Gina’s mom.”

“Oh. Hi. How are you?” I think I shook her hand but maybe I didn't.

I went to school with both Paul and Gina and I worked with Paul for a few years. I was not sure how she recognized me though. I could understand that she knew me as one of my family but not Bill specifically. I only recalled ever being at their house once, when I was on the same “illegal” scavenger hunt team as Gina. And that was when I was a sophomore in high school. I use the word “illegal” because that was what the cops told us, but they never arrested any of us.

“I just want to tell you. I just love your blog.”

I smiled from ear to ear, my hat size increasing by two sizes. “Thank you.” I replied. She recognized me from Poop and Boogies. I felt pseudo-famous.

“I read it every day.”

“Thank you. Really.” I started to blush.

“Paul told me about it when your father passed away. I went and read it from the beginning. It really is a wonderful thing you do.”

My head size grew some more.

We talked about my dad, her son Paul as well as some other mutual acquaintances. We talked about the blog some more. She asked how Lauren was feeling and she told me she read her blog as well. She asked me how my reunion was why hadn't I posted anything about it yet. There were people milling about us because I was in line, it was not a really a line but more or less people standing in a group waiting for the customer service desk. I let a few people jump ahead of my turn so i could continue my conversation.

“It is just a joy to read.” She said.

Her cell phone rang and she answered it. “Hello.”

“It’s Gina.” She said to me and then said into the phone. “You’ll never guess who I am talking too. Bill M. Yes. Yes, yes I told him. I will call you back.” She hung up the phone. “She asked me if I told you that you are one of my favorite people.”

I blushed some more and I started to try and figure out how I was going to get my overblown noggin out the automatic sliding doors.

We chatted a bit more and she complimented the blog again. I told her it felt weird being recognized for the blog and I apologized if I had bad breath because I was not expecting to run into anyone. She assured me I did not have bad breath but she may have been just being nice and she left.

I waited a few more minutes before I stepped up to the group of people now waiting in line. I was smiling because of how cool it was that Mrs. P told me she enjoyed the blog and that I was recognized. I was kind of in my own little world when I felt some one tap my shoulder.

“Excuse me,” I heard over my right shoulder. “Are you…”

I turned quickly and said, “Yes…I’m..” and I was totally prepared to say Bill from Poop and Boogies because I was sure whoever was trying to get my attention overheard my conversation with Mrs. P.

And they finished with, “…in line for the customer service desk?”

Ego deflated.

Thanks Mrs. P for reading. It was great to see you and thanks for making my day on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Kudos are always nice!

Anonymous said...

..and it whiled away a few minuts in a Toys R us queue.

did she ask you to sign anything?

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh that is good stuff. Once in a blue moon I will puff up over something only to be shot down again (blessedly).

mrtl said...

You a rock stah!

Virtual present

Anonymous said...

I was friends with the artist formerly known as Vince P. Apparently he must be like Chuck from Happy days.

Jason Roth said...

Look at you Mr. Mundo Famoso.

Tracey said...

I agree with Mrs. P..... I love your blog! I laugh, I cry, it becomes a part of me... now if only i was inspired to keep up with my own on a regular basis! Oh, and what about the reunion info?? Good call Mrs. P! waiting with bated breath for photos and such! :)

SciFi Dad said...

Dude, you're a rockstar for the grandma set! ;)

In all seriousness, if that ever happened to me, all the blood would drain from my face and I'd have a panic attack. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the (That's what she said!) after "My head size grew some more."

James (SeattleDad) said...

That happened to me too.
then I told mom to stop being so dramatic...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill for making MY day. Now I need to talk to Gina about that "illegal" scavenger hunt.
Keep on blogging. Mrs.P

Anonymous said...

Did you offer to sign her boob?

Anonymous said...

Stop that, Lauren! Give him his moment in the sun. You just know something will happen to shoot him down again. It's the law of nature.

I am a fan too, Mrs. P.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. P probably has her own blog, inspired by you, and right now she is posting about how she ran into Bill from Poop and Boogies and it was so awesome to meet him and OH MY GOD did his breath smell terrible.

JP said...

It's the blog...chicks digg the blog... =)

Anonymous said...

Here's another ego-booster ... you have fans who live halfway across the world from you. I live in Bangladesh and enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis.


Bogart said...

Pseudo-Famous is so much better than not-famous.

You know, you might be able to parlay this into a job on cruise ships as a "Handsome Escort".
Sorta like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon.

Anonymous said...

I think you are pseudo- funny.

joanna said...

It would have been much more embarrassing had you finished saying, "Bill from P&B" instead of being interrupted by the person behind you asking if you were in line.
Actually, that would have been even funnier to read!

Practically Joe said...

I was recently recognized at the local supermarket.
At the checkout line some lady one cashier over said ...
"That's him! That's the guy who knocked over all those cans in aisle five."

Okay ... maybe not the same thing.

John said...

Practically Joe makes a good point...recognition isn't always good.

I do like your blog, though, and might just ask for an autograph if I ever run into you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. get in the right line, buddy!