Monday, October 13, 2008

Mean spirited

If you were at pumkin patch this past weekend and you just happened to be standing next to one of the parking lot guys as he said into his walkie talkie to another parking lot guy (he was speaking about the orange flags they were waving), "Stick it up in the air and wave it so people can see it." what would you say?

That's what she said.

If you were at the same pumpkin patch and the blue grass band that was playing said "If you have any requests just yell them out." What would you yell?


We went on a hayride and there were about 15 people on the ride, 8 of which were kids. The guy driving the tractor stopped to tell us about certain aspects of the farm. At one point he went on for a very long time about how many pounds of feed could and would be stored in one of the silos. He went on for a 10 minutes. The kids, not just mine, were getting antsy. I said to Lauren, maybe a bit too loud, "If I knew this was going to educational I would not have brought the kids." Which got me looks from a few of the other folks on the ride. Was what the guy was saying interesting? Yes. But not to children under 5. I was bascially saying "let's speed this up" without trying to be rude.

Sometimes I just say the stuff that comes to my mind which causes an eyeroll from Lauren. Most times I am trying to be funny but other times I am merely speaking what is on my mind and it can be interpreted as mean or mean spirited.

On the drive home Lauren and I discussed the fine line between funny, mean spirited and honesty.

"Do you know how many times I wanted to kill you, when we were dating, for things that came out of your mouth?" She asked.

"Really?" I asked back.

"Yes. There were many times you have said something to somone and I was mortified."

We laughed at the various circumstances Lauren could remember.

Later that day I was looking for my sunglasses.

"Lauren do you know where my other pair of sunglasses are?"

"What's wrong with the glasses you have in your hand."

"I like the other ones better."

"What's the difference. They are both ugly."

Was she being funny, mean spirited or honest?

That is not a pumkin under there.


Anonymous said...

What? No cows? I had my bovine love comment all ready and everything...

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is a gooooood thing in my book. I would lose my mind without being able to vent that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my ... That might be out of bounds?

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, your house will have 5 "m's" in it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the caption on the last picture was going to be. "This is the result of the last hayride that me and Lauren went on."

Dr Zibbs said...

My question is how can anyone NOT be sarcastic. Also, great preg shadow pic.

Anonymous said...

That bottom picture is cool. For the record, say what you say. It's what makes you you.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm/honesty is in the ear of the beholder. An good example- I worked in a fabric store when a rather large woman came up and said " does this fabric stretch?" My co-worker, not small herself, looked at me and said "not that much". What pops out, pops out. I just think it's darn funny.

Unknown said...

i'd say she's just being honest. That's what us wives do.
Love the pic of your lovely pregnant bride. :)

Practically Joe said...

About the lady who wanted me to buy her something ...
You said ... you would have bought her a whiffle bat and beat her with it.
Were you being funny, mean spirited or honest?

Anonymous said...

Very cool shadow photo. I wish I had the nerve to say some of the stuff you say. Although in your case I don't think it's about having nerve - it's about not having a filter. So maybe I wish I didn't have a filter...

Lowa said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww...I love the last shot. I wish we had some of me like that:(

Good job man!

And she was being funny AND honest. Both. No mean spirited. Just honest.

I assume, that is.

Jody said...

What great stuff. I love fall. And, btw, sarcasm is under appreciated. :)

I hadn't realized Lauren was so far along. How exciting!

Bogart said...

I had a very pretentious person tell me that "Sarcasm is simply the wit of the uncultured."

So next time I sang my sarcasm in the form of an opera...I thought it sounded more cultured.

Anonymous said...

Oh for sure she was just being totally honest in a kind and loving wifely sort of way! lolololol.....

Love that last shot.

sari said...

Cool pictures!

I would say...that I would have said the same thing to my husband, so I don't know if it's sarcastic, funny or honest. Because I never know when I say it, either...I just get those "looks".

ambergail77 said...

I love the M&Ms. The shadow pic is good too. I always 'jokingly' request Freebird. It makes my day more fun.

Nature Girl said...

I love all the cool! Love the shadow pic too!

and I'm SOOOOOOO Not getting into this one, we've all told you before, the pregnant one is always right! :) Besides (I'm often the one in your position in my household with my DH ready to KILL me for the things that come out of my mouth at inappropriate times so i'm hardly one to judge :)

April said...

We are kindred spirits I tell ya!Not a day goes by in this house without a "That's what she said!"

My thoughts often fly out of my mouth like those freaky winged monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. I have no filter so I can't stop them. So if people don't know me, they think I am Satan. But my theory is, what kind of life is this if you can't find the humor in everything?

I am sure this outlook is what allowed me to almost pee my pants laughing at your comment on my post today. You took the word right out of my mouth. ;)

Jason Roth said...

I think you have a healthy sense of humor. People need to lighten up.

The Maid said...

Okay, so how long have I been gone? How pregnant is the great Lauren???????????

From the looks of that could be any day now.

(I know shadows can be deceiving!)

Congrats and I agree wit the Pumpkin patch thing...not everyone who comes to the farm wants the homeschool special hayride!


The Maid

OhTheJoys said...

Our friend D told K his sunglasses buying strategy, which I LOVE, but can't blog about because then he would know that K ratted him out to me.

He orders 6 pairs from campmor and one by one tries them on in front of his wife. He turns to her with each new pair on and says,

"Would you have more sex with me if I wore these?"

He buys the ones she likes and returns the other five.

You might try that.

[Though with a pumpkin that big in the oven, sunglasses probably aren't going to make much difference.)