Sunday, September 10, 2006

Judith Jones

If you Googled the name Judith Jones you would find many different people have that name. A Doctor, an architect, a cook, an actress and many more through the 14 million plus search results. Throughout that search, every so often, a result shows that will usually read “Judith Jones, 53, Woodbridge VA. Pentagon.” It is that particular Judith I want to tell you about.

We bloggers learn a lot about each other from reading each other’s blogs day in and day out. I know more about the life of some bloggers I have never met, than I do of the lives some of my oldest friends. Blogging does that. I want you to get to know Judith Jones. Since it will be mostly bloggers that read this I want to imagine what Judith’s blog entries would have looked like. The following is based on information I have gathered from the inter-net as well as from Judith’s daughter.

July 2000
I went to the beach today. It is amazing how much I love the beach. The beach is absolutely my favorite place to be. There is nothing greater than having the salt air cutting across the beach as I have squeeze the sand between my toes while listening to the waves crash. No I need to change that. There is something greater than that. That would be if I could do all of that and hear the laughter of my grandchildren playing in the surf. I will make sure I take them with me the next time I go.

November 2000.
Thanksgiving was fantastic this year. I invited a few co-workers over to celebrate with my family. It is shame that some of the people I work with are so far away from their families for the holidays. But I guess that is the nature of the military. I am glad that I can share my family with them and hopefully give them a sense of family for the holidays. I also need to remember to bring in a cake next week for “Pat’s” birthday.
Go Redskins!!

May 2001.
I lost a dear, dear friend recently. I knew her for 30 years. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and it was only a matter of time but it is always sad. I did everything I could for her while she fought this illness. Visiting every weekend. Helping her with her house and doing chores for her. I have two other friends that I help in this way as well. It never gets old helping people. The friend that just passed, I loved playing Rummy with her. There were many weekends spent just playing cards. Now that she is gone I will need to find another card player. Maybe I can teach some of the kids at the church nursery, where I volunteer, how to play. I am sure they will love to learn a few card games.

June 2001
I just love being the “secret mail person” for my grandkids. I don’t know where I got the idea, but I leave them secret notes in the backseat of their car. I always try to leave them a little message. Things like:

Make sure you make your bed in the morning

Make sure you tell your mom you love her.
Don’t forget to say your prayers before bedtime.
Pickup your room before going to bed, that way if you have to pee in the middle of the night you won’t step on anything.

I always sign the notes “Secret Mail Person.” I know that the grandkids love getting the notes because as soon as they get in the car they look for them. I figure it is a way for them to learn a little something from their grandmom.

Judith was not the type of person to have a blog. She was very humble and most likely would not post about all the good things she had done in her life. She was a remarkable person who loved her family, her friends, her co-workers and her grandkids. One story that was sent to me from her daughter was that in the mid 90’s Judith inherited some money. She ended up cutting a check to her church because Judith didn’t need anything and she wanted to make sure that the money was directed to people who had needs. That was what Judith Jones was about.

I write about Judith Jones today as part of the 2996 9-11 tribute. If you Googled the name Judith Jones you would find a doctor, an architect, an actress and you will find “Judith Jones 53, Woodbridge VA. Pentagon.” It is sad that you will not find out about all the wonderful things she has done. All the different lives she touched. What type of wonderful person she was. Maybe now, after I post this, you will.

I did not know Judith Jones in real life. The imagined blog is based on information that I gathered about Judith Jones and all the good things that she did. She helped others. She volunteered her time to help people in need. She loved her daughter and her grandchildren but she also loved people and did what she could for people. I say again, I know that this will be read mostly by bloggers and most bloggers communicate through comments. Please do me a favor and leave a comment for Judith’s “blog”. Not mine, but to hers. She was a good person and I am glad I got to know her.


MommyOutOfControl said...

You humble me with your commitment to your family, I strive to be as patient with my family as you are with yours. I hope you enjoyed the beach and are remembering the warmth on your face. I hope you hold that warmth with you for all times.

(Wonderful tribute, thank you for sharing Judith with us all)

ladybug said...

dear judith,
thank you for still teaching some 'kids' by your example...i loved reading about the Secret Mail Person and how you taught your grandkids. how blessed they are to have learned such good things and had your love.
i will think of you the next time i am at the beach and hear my nephews' laughter.

Anonymous said...

Judith, You live ON! You left your little corner of the world a better place. Your daughter and grandchildren carry your love and example with them every day. They share that with those they meet in their life. All those you helped in life have your kindness to remember, and they will in turn share that with others. We are lucky to have heard about you, and will make a difference in our lives because of you and the memories of you. God bless you and yours and God Bless America!

Kari said...

You are remembered today, and will continue to touch the lives of many.
You are an inspiration to all that know you, as well as those who have not recieved the pleasure.
God Bless your family, thank you Judith.

(Great job Bill, very sincere and respectful. This has been a wonderful tribute)

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that I am as good of a person in my lifetime as you were in yours. SecretMailPerson is awesome!

Bill--thank you for introducing me to Judith. This was beautifully written.

Keri said...


Your grandchildren are very lucky to have known you. What a great idea leaving notes for them to discover! I wish my grandparents were only half as wonderful as you are!

Cup said...

Judith: You were beautiful, thoughtful, lovely. We miss you.

Dinah Webster: A Tribute

Joseph said...

Sending loving thoughts to you and your family. What a lovely tribute.

Anonymous said...

Judith, when I grow up I want to be just like you, because I can tell from just these few glimpses into your life that you left the world a better place. My own child's grandmother lives many states away, but I think I will be his secret mail person when he is old enough to read. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this Bill, and thank you Judith for living life as it should and must be lived. Though you are gone, the love and kindness you gave lives on.

Anonymous said...


You are a blessing. And we are all blessed to hear your story. A life well lived.

Katie said...


You continue to teach us all how we should treat others - by the examples of your kindness. God Bless you, your family, and friends.


Sharpie said...

Judith -
The world mourns for such a bright inspiring light to have been extinguished much too early. May your family find a bright spot this day knowing that there are many people thinking of you today ...and every day.

God Speed.

Amanda said...

Judith was a special woman... a genuinely caring and loving person. Thank you for the beautiful tribute.

Anonymous said...


The Redskins Stink !

Williams Brother

Anonymous said...

Your stories make me proud to be an American. The fabric, the soul of this country is made up of people like you (and William). God Bless America !

William's Brother

Lois Lane said...

Thank you for letting me get to know Judith, and thank you for taking part in writing a tribute.
Lois Lane

Teri said...

William, there's nothing I could say that the rest of these good folks haven't already said.

thanks for being a generous human being and thinking of others, William. your family must be proud.

sari said...

This is really wonderful.

I can't get to the website you linked, there's too much traffic, but I'll keep trying.

I love the SecretMailPerson idea.

Anonymous said...

Every story matters. And yours is a beautiful one, Judith. Thanks for beaming your sunshine on us today.

eclectic said...

Faces, names, and stories to go with the numbers. Awesome.

I'm sorry you're gone, Judith. I'm glad you were here, though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judith,

You sound like an amazing grandmother. I'm sure your grandkids think about you all the time. My grandmother has been gone almost six years now, and I still get out her notes and cards, and miss her.

You left your kids and grandkids wonderful gifts.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Judith Jones with us. My tribute is for Gabriela Waisman. Another beautiful soul taken too early.

Anonymous said...

You left a footprint, Judith. Such a footprint.

Anonymous said...

i loved reading about you. you have touched many people and you will live on. what i loved about this story is that you remind me of someone that is always doing things for others. my grandmother. she is a selfless person who i love very much. thank you for your story

BlueGoddess said...

I just love the Secret mail idea. I will definitely have to use that one for my kid and future grandchildren.

Thanks for bringing one person to life. She will be greatly missed.

Unknown said...

Wow... William. This is wonderful. Thank you!

Nature Girl said...

Dear Judith,

Thank you, for just being you!


Julie said...

Dear Judith,
I hope you're having a wonderful day 'up' there. I look forward to the day we meet and talk about our families.
See you...
The Pizzitola Family

Anonymous said...

Judith, you lived your life by enjoying the simple things, not by coveting the material things. Your life touched so many, and your memory will live on forever.

DCK said...

You have affected the world through the lives that you have touched and that is the most important thing. Thanks for sharing a piece of you with us. Will never forget.

Susie said...

Judith, look -- because I believe now you can see -- what a difference your being here made in the lives of so very many people. May we all live more like you did.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who the "Charles" who left the last comment is, or why this person has gone to several different sights painting such a different picture of my mother than who she really is....

BUT, as her only daughter, I feel the need to Counter the untruths in this person's comment. Please note I would do this myself, but whoever this person is, they never leave a way to be contacted.

With that being said.... Judith Jones grew up in Alexandria, VA in a very loving, spiritually grounded two-parent, three child family. She never worked for a government contractor, she was a civil service employee who worked for the government for 28 years. 18 of which were in the same office. She never drank (a tea-totaler) or did drugs. She never had to "pull herself up from the depths" of anything because she lived her life the right way. Her daughter lived with her every day until I was 18.

Bill, obviously someone has mistaken my mother for someone else or is just being cruel.

To take a beautiful tribute like that and post such a different and untrue picture of my mom is absolutely heartless and cruel. Her grandchildren could see this and how is that going to make them feel?

Bill, you did such a wonderful job with this tribute and words can not express how grateful I am to your for taking the time to put together such a moving and ACCURATE picture of my mother. If there is any way for you to remove that last comment from "Charles" it would me the world to me AND my mom.

Michelle Burkes