Wednesday, September 27, 2006


While driving up to PA, Lauren says to Bill, after reading a billboard,

“Do you think that Truckers really care that Woo Kim’s massage parlor HAS truck Parking?”

Which started a discussion which I posted about over at the Blogfathers. Go read it and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Can't Maxfield get a table dance?

Lois Lane said...

“Dad, why does that sign say “Topless” three times?”
“Well Max, three times is the charm.”
“Dad, what does “Live Nude Girls” mean?”
“Silly boy, it means they aren’t dead.”
“Dad, what is an “adult toy”? and why would “the best girls for miles” have them?”
“Max, you know how you have a room full of toys? Well, sometimes mommies and daddies need to play too. Those girls are just mommies who sometimes have to go a long way to find just the right toy to play with. Son, if the toy don’t fit Mom will shit. It’s kinda like that glove incident with Johnny Cochran.”
Or Bill... you can avoid all of that mess by putting a DVD player in the family mobile, which will likely keep his eyes off the road. I bet Weed Whacker has a DVD player for his kids. ;)
Lois Lane

Kami said...

OMG. My whole long comment is GONE.

I said something about asking my neighbor - mother of two teens - if we are supposed to be honest when questions about drugs and sex come up. She said LIE. ;)

Um, I guess you could tell him that some men, who are from Bithelow, don't have pretty wives like you, and um, well, shit. I fail.

Anonymous said...

I'm unashamed when it comes to talking with my kids.

We've discussed (either individually or as a family): Prostitution, Pornography, Sex, Lust, Divorce and many other not so taboo subjects. My kids are all under 12. Do I go into extreme description? Of course not.

They aren't afraid to ask me or my husband questions and I like it that way. With what's going on in our world... the last thing I want them to have is the fear of talking with their parents.