Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Growing up I was never a big fan of Sauerkraut. It always made me gag. Last night my wife made a roast with Sauerkraut.

She loaded up my plate with the bland looking but potent smelling stringy substance. She could tell by the look on my face that I was hesitant to actually try the Sauerkraut.

“You never had it growing up?” She asked.

“Yeah, I did and me made gag every time.”

“You never had it on a hotdog?”

“No. It would make me gag and that would be a waste of a good hotdog.”

“I can’t believe you don’t like Sauerkraut. You like everything that is pickled.”

“I know, but there are three things that I swore off forever because of how sick they made me. Brussels sprouts, pot and Sauerkraut. I ate Brussels sprouts once and they made me sick. I will never touch them again. I smoked pot once when I was 21, it made me violently ill. I will never touch the stuff again. And Sauerkraut makes me gag.

I took a few bites of the roast that had some pieces of Sour Kraut on it. I fought the gag reflex that started in the back of my throat. After a few bites of the roast I scooped a heaping mound of kraut and put it into my mouth. I was shocked. It was pretty good. I told Lauren that I was actually enjoying it. I finished my plate and complimented Lauren once again for the fine meal.

She said, “You keep saying how much you like it. I am surprised.”

“So am I.” I responded. “It is a shame that we are old and have kids because otherwise I may have given pot another try. But not Brussels sprouts.”


Unknown said...

First! That's completely hilarious! I hate saurkraut AND all things pickled. Never tried pot though and some days I wish I had LOL

Lois Lane said...

It's cool to be old and have your tastes change. :P I still don't think I can try that stuff again though, yuck. Cabbage is another one. (shudders)
You make a swell couch, I'm just glad the boy didn't try to fluff your pillows before getting comfy.
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you should try smoking brussel sprouts. That will really float your boat!

Orion_skie said...

*shudder* I tried saurkraut as an adult and still didn't like it. My gran made us eat it alot. My fiancee tries stuff he doesn't like every six months or so to see if he still doesn't like it. Good idea...for him.

Anonymous said...

ewww brussel sprouts!!!!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

Effie said...

did you know that I can swallow brussel sprouts whole?

oh and the german name for that dinner is "sauerbraten"--very tasty!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. Ever notice how our tastes change as we age? I think it is because our taste buds die before we do!

Anonymous said...

In one episode of Full House, Danny Tanner admits that he hates brussel sprouts because "they smell like feet." I'd never tried them before that, and after that I never did, either. I trust Danny's opinion. (Although if Uncle Jesse had said he liked them, then I would totally have gobbled them up.)

Anonymous said...

You didn't "inhale" the Saurkraut, did you?

Anonymous said...

Did you get a special dessert for finishing your plate?

Anonymous said...

I like brussels sprouts. But I can't eat canned ravioli - it made me sick as a kid. Just thinking about it makes me remember

Anonymous said...


I'm always amazed at how tastes changed.

Good idea about the pot.

ppsssttt-- My tastes changed about Brussel Sprouts. Our family LOVES them. *smile*

Cat said...

Heh! That is so-- WHOA, hold on there, Trigger... you mean just because I have kids and am getting up there in years, I can't smoke pot? Well, freak. You'd think somebody would have said something.

(*runs off to flush stash*)

On a completely different note inspired by this post, did you see the episode of The Office where Michael needed Dwight's pee for a drug test because he went to an Alicia Keys concert and think he may have accidentally gotten high? ("I thought it was a cloves cigarette!") Classic.

lawnwhisperer said...

young or old, onions, never.

Michelle said...

Brussel sprouts are a lost cause - gross at any age. Pot, well just the smell makes me violently ill, so I probably wouldn't give it a chance again. Sauerkraut - how can you eat a hotdog with out it?? It's a standard - with some spicy brown mustard and relish. OK, I've got to make a trip to Nathans now.

Kami said...

LOL. I love that stuff.

Well, if you want to try the pot again, I can call some people for you.


Kami said...

And yeah, brussel sprouts (AKA Ohio Cabbage in this house) are NASTY.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. The smell of sauerkraut still makes me gag when I smell it so do you think I would try to eat it? NO! Tried it once when I was a kid and haven't had the stomach to try it since and I'm a few years older than you. Brussell Sprouts the same, yuck. Just looking at them makes me queasy. The pot on the other hand I've tried, didn't make me sick, just hungry. : )

Greta Adams said...

i don't do that crap but i sure would (when i was younger) tear up some mary jane....that's prolly what's wrong with my brain cells today cause i suffer from can't remember shit and i love brussell sprouts

Odd Mix said...

I have had brussel sprouts ONE time. One.

I never had them as a kid because my mother hated them - I should have listened. Ick.

Nature Girl said...

I like Brussels Sprouts ok..I don't make them, but if they're served I'm ok with it. I've never tried pot, but Saurkraut makes me sick if I just smell it. My mom would make it when I was a kid and to add insult to injury would serve it over venison. I ate at the neighbors house. To this day it makes me sick to smell it...UGH! Stacie

kimmyk said...


That was totally unexpected but hilarious!

I've never had any of the things you hate...and I'm ok with that.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!
Not so PC.

I miss Pot!!!!!!!!

eclectic said...

I LOVE Brussells Sprouts!!!! And Mr. Eclectic does, too. But the kids? Not so much.

Sauerkraut? Ewwwwwwwww. Can't do it. At. All. *shudder*

Pot? It's not like you can just pick some up at the store, so I don't know if I'd like it or not. But that's probably just as well...

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm glad you rediscovered saurkraut. I love the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I could not agree with you more. Each one of those things. Except that mayonnaise is even worse than all of those put together. Blechhhhhhh.

You should know though, that I JUST tried Sauerkraut again a week ago and it was tremendous, even though I thought I hated it.

Anonymous said...

William is a pot taker !!
William is a pot taker !!

Anonymous said...

Are you a pothead Focker?

Judypatooote said...

My dad use to make saurkraut when I was little....he would shredd the cabbage and put it into a crock with whatever the ingredients was.....I remember going down in the basement and grabbing a handful and eatting it raw.....I loved it....In fact I still like it better raw that cooked....but try not to think about raw kraut....think about Laurens roast......ummmmm!

Anonymous said...

You have to have saurkraut on bratwurst (on a bun of course!) and kielbasa cooked in saurkraut is excellent! and I'm not even German. Didn't like it either when I was younger tho.

LizzieDaisy said...

I've never tried any of them. I'll just go with your kid take on them if you don't mind... they all sound icky. Well, maybe not the pot but I can't afford it. :)

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