Thursday, August 10, 2006

Third Date by Momo9

I never did date anyone else after the second date.

On our third date we went to a club. Danced all night long. We sang along to all the music. We both liked Rock’n’Roll. We fast danced and slow danced. Even though he told me he wasn’t crazy about dancing, he knew I liked it, so he did it. We talked and talked. We were getting to know each other well (I was falling in love). Almost love at first sight.

During this date he confessed that the only reason he asked me out the first time, was that his mother suggested he do it. I said, “What?”

He explained that he asked three girls out for that first Saturday date. They turned him down, so his mom suggested me (see what I mean about being a jerk). Maybe he was trying to be funny. Oh well, there were so many nice things about him, that I overlooked his nasty (humorous) remarks. I sort of liked his mother for mentioning me (we lived in the same neighborhood).

This date went very well. We talked on the porch again till the wee hours of the morning.
This was a Bingo date!
I got a kiss goodnight, and another and another! Bingo!

This is the guy who could stay out late back then. Dance and dance, and play football, basketball and baseball and never stop.
This is also the guy, today, who gets into his pajamas at 5:30pm, sits and watches the news and sports center, and would never think of asking me to dance. This is the guy who would stay awake for hours and talk to me and only me. And now barely says hello, goodbye, or goodnight. He falls asleep by 8:30 pm. Of course, if I’m lucky, I do get a game of Scrabble out of him before he retires for the evening and a kiss goodnight.
I truly did marry a winner!


Teri said...

bravo, momo9. you are the best.

i guess most men live by the adage "i got you to marry me now I can just sit in front of the tube all day and not pay attention to you"???

TBG said...

I love that his mom told him too..ha ha!

Well you have a very smart MIL!

Thanks for sharing how you met Mr. Momo9!

Anonymous said...

9 kids? I think he did enough. Like poltergeist, "My job here is finished!"

kimmyk said...

Maybe Momo9, if he says anything to ya it will lead to some hot steamy passionate scenario and well...we don't need to hear about that.

Great story!!

I can't wait to hear more from you!

Anonymous said...

A good night kiss is Bingo ? I'm afraid of what Yahtzee is.

lawnwhisperer said...

I'm telling Dad that you called him a jerk.

cassie-b said...

Great story. It's fun to hear about the beginnings of someone's courtship.

Have a nice weekend.

stepblog said...

Oh, what a wonderful post. Bingo. And can I tell you how much I love the idea of getting in pajamas at 5:30?

Catherine said...

what a great story...and i don;t know ANY of you. that is the blog thing i guess, but i'm still adjusting.

i love to buy old letters at auctions and estate sales. now i can read blogs. thanks for letting me visit for a minute.

Lauren said...

thanks, mom, for that glimpse into my future!

DollyMama said...

I want to know how he was in the Bahamas!

kalki said...

Thanks for your posts, Momo9! We hear so much about you - it's great to hear your own voice. (Think you could tell a few on William next?)

And hee to Lauren. :)

Jem said...

That's a great story!

ieatcrayonz said...

Makes me wonder, does dad read the blog?

I think he should before he plays a game of Scrabble and retires for the night.

eclectic said...

I love the opening line of this installment. Well done, Mom o' Nine!!

Mainline Mom said...

Oh yes yes, Momo9...can we PULEEZ hear some stories from you about William?!

Effie said...

That is a LOVELY story Momo9!! He sure sounds like a winner! I love it! I have been gone for the past week and was able to read all of it at once---he sure does sound like a winner.

Kinda the same way my hubby asked me out--the Pastor's wife prompted him, saying "Why don't you ask [Effie] out? She's a nice girl..." and so he FINALLY did and we were engaged less than 3 months later..

I can see where Bill gets his writing skills from!

Anonymous said...

PJ's at 5:30...he wants you!!

I want to be Momo9 when I grow up.