Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ordinary People Change the World

I love writers. I used to write about them all the time. I really enjoy meeting them and listening them tell stories about them writing stories.  I have met EricWight creator of Frankie Pickle, blogger and cook book author Ree Drummond, young adult author and friend Eve Marie Mont, blogger and extremely funny Jenny Lawson,  the NY Times best selling author Lisa Scottoline and my favorite all time writer Brad Meltzer.
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Brad Meltzer has recently released a few new books. The first, released last month, is the TV show inspired book History Decoded. The book explores unanswered questions and conspiracy theories. A very fun book to read and a good bathroom book (you know what I mean).

The second two books, which will be released on January 14th, are from Meltzer's new children's series Ordinary People Change the World. The books, geared toward kids ages 5 to 8, are illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos and tell the stories of, yep you guessed it, ordinary people who changed the world. The first two books are I AM Amelia Earhart and I AM Abraham Lincoln. 

I was lucky enough to get advanced copies to review and I have to say I love everything about these books. A few years ago Meltzer released Heroes for my Son and Heroes for My Daughter (which are two of my favorite books of all time) and the I AM books are perfect companions to the Heroes book. Meltzer, along with Eliopoulos' Bill Watterson-esque illustrations, does an excellent job making historical icons accessible and human for kids. Meltzer believes that everyone can be a hero, his I AM books illustrate that. Not only do I love these books but my kids seem to really enjoy them as well (but not in the bathroom that is what the iPad is for).

Go get these books, they are great. It looks like Brad Meltzer makes an appearance in each book. See if you can spot him.

I AM Rosa Parks  will be released in June of 2014 and I AM Albert Einstein will be released September 2014.


Unknown said...

They sound so cool and I'd love to read the I Am books. Will they be available on amazon?

Esther said...

Very cool! I'll have to be sure we order those for the library.

Mel said...

Our library sends me an email every Saturday to tell me what has just been ordered. I saw those titles and book covers and had to order them. My eldest loves Amelia Earhart. I am looking forward to finding them on my library request shelf in a few weeks.

Autism United said...

Both look fun!
My grandson has just learned how to read and he loves this new world of books (well new to him). And we try to get him to read books over ipad, so cute under his blankets at night with a flashlight.
Thanks for the book review will have a look for these two.