Monday, January 30, 2012


I was reviewing my online running journal for 2011 and I ran a total of 444.59 miles. That is not a bad number. My total weight loss for 2011, after going back and forth, up and down, good weeks and bad weeks is zero. What my online running journal does not count is the roughly 200 beers, 150 slices of pizza, the 100 or so hot dogs and the countless Burger King Mushroom and Swiss burger (these burgers are so addictive) I have eaten in 2011. So my exercises has been just, as they say, maintaining. I consider it a Lateral Weight Loss. I am going to trademark that phrase.

Besides my inability to say no to junk food, one of the reasons I have not lost any weight is a lack of inspiration or motivation. I am trying to get that back. I run to exercise my body. I decided that in 2012 I would find ways to exercise my brain and my spirit. The saying is if you don't use it, you lose it.

So far in 2012 I have logged 57 miles running. The motivation has come from the fact that every Saturday I run with my brother and my cousin. I need to keep up with them and there is something about being part of the group that keeps me going. They depend on me, I depend on them. The miles that we run go by fast because of the conversation and social interaction.

The other motivation has been that Lauren bought me a new pair of running shoes.

Stylish huh? These are Vibram Five Finger running shoes. I know they seem weird but these shoes have totally changed the way I am running, the way I am exercising. Every time I go out wearing these shoes I feel like I have to put them through a test of some sort. By testing the shoes I am also testing myself. The shoes put a spring in my step.

I told myself at the end of last year that I need to exercise my brain a bit more. In 2012 I am trying to read more books, news papers and magazines. A few months ago I got an iPad and it has motivated me to download books I would never previously have considered. I think I may even join a book club. There is something about the socializing  and exchanging ideas that is motivational to exercising the brain. The iPad has also improved the way I approach social media. I am more of a participant than a spectator, following links, reading other journals and just learning more overall. The iPad puts a spring into my mind.

New shoes and people to run with has motivated the exercise of my body. The new iPad and seeking more intellectual social environments is exercising my brain.  I figured I need to find a new church or some other means to exercises my spirit. Maybe being around people would motivate me to return.

Yesterday I decided to go to church. As I was leaving Wyatt, the five year old, asked me where I going.

"To church." I said.

Wyatt's response,  "Why? Nobody died."

That right there basically sums up my church going for the past two years.

I have never attended a service in this particular church. Although I found the music entertaining I was not moved, inspired, or motivated. The sermon was spun in a negative tone and was not uplifting at all. The congregation although nice and courteous seemed to be just going through the paces. There were no children at the service which usually provides a fun distraction for me. I found myself looking for an opportunity to leave early which I did. I left with no spring in my spirit.

Exercising the spirit may be more of a challenge for me.

In an effort to be fair to this particularr church as well as attempt to exercise my spirit I will give it another try next week. I will attend a different service with a different minister. I am sure there will be different hymns as well as a different message.
However I think I am going to wear my new Vibram shoes and bring my iPad just in case.


Unknown said...

Good for you. One of the things that initially sold me on my church was that in the welcome part of the program the pastor asked that if you were new you give the church three visits. He says that sometimes during the welcome too, we ask that you come three times before you decide it's not for you. I thought that was a pretty worthwhile and fair request, so we did that and it stuck. We got to hear different pastors and different messages and found our home.

I really do want to try those Vibrams.

Dana said...

Great post! Can't imagine running in the vibrams....I like minimalist shoes, but they are too minimalist for me. Good for you keeping a mileage log too! Rob's motto for running is that he runs to eat : ).

Julia said...

I'm a Children's Minister and have read Poop and Boogies for a long time, keep up the good work your blog is awesome and hilarious!

About the church thing - just keep going to one until you find the one that fits your needs, it's tough but worth it to find a place where you can have people to help you on your faith journey, wherever you are!

Michelle said...

Oooh, I think iPads may be frowned upon during Church services. But those Vibrams - total high fashion!

for a different kind of girl said...

My running total so far for 2012 is 6 seconds. I also did it in the dark and prayed my neighbors weren't gazing out their windows at the time. Baby steps!

I think if you download a Bible app to your iPad, and then flicked through it every once in awhile during service, it might be OK. I second what's already been said. If this is something you want to enhance in your life, definitely visit several churches to find the one that you feel is the right fit. We've been in our present church about 10 years now, but we've found our home, but we definitely visited and did some long-term trying with others to get us here. Next thing I know, I'm teaching preschool...where I sometimes run around the room after the kids, which, hey, means my running tally is going to grow this year! Praise Jesus!


jcbrown208 said...

Proud of you for going to church and trying to feed your spiritual needs which, when you think about it, are really more important than either your physical or mental needs. After all, the spirit is what makes you, "you." My Grandmother gave me some good advice. She told me, "Honey, it is almost impossible to raise children with God's help. Raising good boys into good men and good girls into good women takes lots of kneeling time and conversations with the Lord." At the time, I was a very young girl, but now that I am a Grandmother too, I know it is true and was excellent advice. Not only that, but I needed to go to church to feel whole; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Reading the Bible, talking with others about what the Bible says and what God wants for us is amazing. You will be very pleased with the change it makes in your life. Okay, I'm done preaching to the choir. I will be praying for you to find a church that feeds you spiritually.