Thursday, September 22, 2011

High Fives

Most times when it comes to home improvement projects, which we call Begats , I do most of the grunt work. I usually handle the demolition, tear outs, heavy lifting and dirty work. Lauren will do all the refined precise work like, planning, measuring, painting, tiling, and specific carpentry. This arrangement has worked out well for us as a couple and as home owners. You can see our other projects here, here, here, here  and I am sure there are more on the blog somewhere.

Lauren decided she did not like our fireplace. She was determined to change it. The best part was that this project was all in the scope of her area of home projects. I did not need to be involved at all. Which was perfect with the start of football season and all.

The other day, on the radio, I heard the phrase "God high fives over her." The guy who said it was referring to an attractive woman and it was meant that God is proud of his creation and that God is giving high fives to his buddies. I found it to be a funny phrase. I also thought this was a perfect phrase to describe my wife Lauren. Besides the fact that Lauren is extremely attractive, Lauren is also extremely talented.

With the assistance of our neighbor Mr. Jones, Lauren took our fireplace from this:

To this. The entire mantle was built from scratch. Lauren did most of the work.
I didn't even have to help at all. Well I did buy her the Mitre Saw five years ago. And I also helped carry some of the supplies. And I took care of the kids while she was building the mantle. And I did do my best to stay out of her way. And I told her the scores to the football games on the TV. So pretty much the new fireplace was a team effort.
God high fives over Lauren.
But now that the fireplace is done and looks awesome the rest of the room looks a little beat. And of course that means we have to Begat the whole room. We need new walls, new floors, some electrical work and of course new fixtures and furniture. It is going to be a  lot of work, all in the scope of my area of home projects.
So while God is high fiving, I can't help but feel he is also chuckling a little bit at me.


Melissa said...

Lauren is one talented woman...and not only should God be high-fiving over should YOU!

Nice will those boys ever find someone just like their mom to marry?!?!?!? LOL

Meegs said...

Can I borrow her to help with my place?! She does amazing work!

Shadefarm said...

Kudos to Lauren, That looks great!

jen said...

preston and steve!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm eyeballing my lame fireplace after reading this and it's screaming for some begating. I'd like to open the project for bids if Lauren's interested in some off-site work.

SFD said...

This is why I never complete any DIY projects. There's no benefit, only more work.

Anonymous said...

Slap me low
You're too slow

Anonymous said...

Great work, Lauren! Beautiful! The stockings will look awesome hanging there this Christmas. You are blessed with your talents.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That is incredibly awesome! It really is. And I LOVE the Halloween decorations. Well done!