Wednesday, January 26, 2011


30 years from now someone is going o look on the Internet, in their brain, to see who was the number 1 best selling author of this week of 2011. They will punch in their search terms into the search engine Poop and Google and find that Brad Meltzer's book, The Inner Circle, will be listed # 1 on the New York Times best sellers list for the weeks of Jan 30th 2011.

That person doing the search will be looking for history. History is what Brad's new book is all about. The history of President George Washington's secret spy ring which was called the Culper Ring. That person doing the search 30 years from now will discover that President Obama's Culper Ring delayed President Obama in his giving the State of the Union Address until about 9:15 ish because Brad Meltzer was signing books at the Philadelphia Free Public Library. Obama's people at that time knew it was due to the fact that William from Poop and Boogies gave The inner Circle a great review just a week or so earlier which would catapult Brad Meltzer's book to hit #1 on the New York Times best sellers list that week that he should delay his speech just a few minutes. Obama wanted me to hear his speech so that maybe Poop and Boogies would write a review about the State of the Union address.


I went to the Philadelphia Library last night to stalk Brad Meltzer. He spoke for almost an hour about the book, some of his comic book writings and his show Decoded. Decoded is a show about decoding secret societies and government secrets. Brad is a very funny speaker. The event felt like a comedy routine about nerdy stuff like comic books and secret societies. I even had a chance to talk to Brad and he told me he enjoys my blog which is always nice to hear.

When I got home my wife asked me if I had a good time. I told her I had a blast. Not only was Brad funny but I got to people watch as well.

I said, "You know when a guy who writes comics, writes novels about Masons and secret codes and he has a show about decoding possible hidden societies in the government, makes an appearance, the freaks are going to come out of the wood work. And they did."

Lauren replied, "You know you're one of them. And I am sure those people are saying the same thing about you."


teri said...

After watching many episodes of Decoded, I really like Brad and his sense of humor. He often makes me laugh with the things he says. His type of stories are the stories I love. I love secrets. Maybe that's why I loved a few of Dan Brown's books, etc. The thought of a really cool secret being buried and then brought to life gets me excited.

Glad you had such a good time.

Am surprised his new book is about the Culper Spy Ring when one of his Decoded episodes was that, as well. Very cool.

April said...

I LOVE Decoded. LOVE IT LOVE IT! And we just watched the one about the Culper Ring and I loved what he said at the end - It doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, or how much of an education you have received. Ordinary people can change the world. I'm in love with him now. Which means you have some competition for his affections. BRING IT.

(And yes, I got your email and I will email you the 411 tonight! 10-4 Good buddy, over and out.)

Anonymous said...

I hope a slow song came on while you were talking and he asked you to dance?

Anonymous said...

Don't know much about Biology

Karen Deborah said...

your wife is brilliant.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

"the search engine Poop and Google"

Also, I love your wife. She's got my sense of humor.