Monday, August 24, 2009


My wife, although back to her pre-baby-pregnant-Jackson weight, was a bit concerned about wearing her new bathing suit on the beach last week.

She told me all the things she needed to consider when buying her new bathing suit, which I did not understand was such a complicated issue. She did not want an "old lady" suit. She wanted a two piece, but not a bikini. She did not want a "mom bathing suit" but at the same time she did not want a suit that said she was trying too hard to look young. She wanted something that looked good but was also comfortable and practical.

Like I said, it was complicated.

We were heading to the beach and I could tell she was somewhat self conscious about the suit.

"I am sure you will look great." I said, "Besides you will sitting next to me and in comparison to me you will look like a Victoria's Secret model."

"Thanks Bill. Its just that..." She paused. "Wait. What? Are you saying I don't normally look as good as a Victoria's Secret model?"

And at that point I shut up.

She looked great.

I sneaked a few pictures of her.

She won't let me post any.

Is it weird that I want my screen saver to be one of those pictures?


Anonymous said...

I think snuck is the past tense. I am sure she looked great. I am sure you did not.

SciFi Dad said...

No, it isn't weird, although it is stupid to compare your wife's body to yours, ever.

Anonymous said...

WHAT! No pictures! Come on, William! What a disappointment!

Bogart said...

Dude...she is your wife, she is an attractive lady, lust away!!!

eclectic said...

Swimsuit shopping is horridly complex. Try swimsuit shopping with a 15 year old girl. I deserve a purple heart medal.

for a different kind of girl said...

It's hard to win in perfect swimsuit shopping and in supportive husband comments. Well, I assume it's hard to win in both categories, but I only have the perfect swimsuit shopping experience to fall back on, and that's dang hard!

Definitely slap that photo up as a screen saver!!

James (SeattleDad) said...

LOL. Usually I just keep my mouth shut to be safe.

Joyce said...

As a mom of five, I totally feel her pain. It's good that you know how gorgeous she is. I'm on my husband's screen saver (not in a bikini, but in the hospital with our newest addition) and it makes me happy that he likes me enough to put it there. :)

Melinda said...

It depends. So lovely you want to look at her and put her on your screen saver. But...if the screen saver is on your computer at work, you could be in trouble.
I'm just pointing out some pitfalls for you, buddy.
Pictures of your wife in a bathing suit are also complicated.

Creative-Type Dad said...

I say do the screen saver. And then photoshop the words "hot mama" on it.