Monday, November 24, 2008

Magic word

I find it amazing that my kids think that the word please is a truly a magic word.

When Maxfield and Wyatt ask for something and they forget their manners, Lauren and I remind them to use the word please.

We do not teach them to use please by asking "What's the magic word?" Lauren and I, instead say something like "How should you ask?" or "There is a nicer way to ask for something." Hoping they pick up on the fact that they forgot to use the word please. It usually works.

Here is the magic part. When either of the them ask for something and the answer is "NO", they immediately say please, hoping that by saying the word please will change the answer.

Wyatt finishes his bag of M&Ms, and he asks for more.

"No Wyatt. That was the last of them."


"No buddy. There are no more."


"Wyatt. They are all gone. There are no more."

"PWEASE. I said Pwease?"

By repeating the word "please" as well as increasing the volume when saying it, Wyatt thinks, that magically, more M&Ms will appear.


Anonymous said...

I think "magic" is assumed by all kids. We didn't teach ours to use the 'magic' word either - and yet she still thinks if she says it, it automatically means she gets whatever she's asking for. It's just what they assume/how they understand I guess. Kids are funny.

Practically Joe said...

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Lois Lane said...

I don't see where the problem is. Give the kid some more M&Ms. Gosh you're a mean dad! :P

Ali said...

Some days when I lay Owen down for a nap he starts saying he's sorry, over and over. I tell him he's not in trouble, it's just time for a nap. "I sorry, mama, I sorry!" Dude, you didn't do anything, just lay down! Their little minds are funny indeed!

Anonymous said...

So...did you eat the rest of Wyatt's M&M's? Just exactly where did they go to, pweaze?

Unknown said...

That happens here too. We too refrain from saying "the magic word" phrase. But somehow they are born with this thought that Please is a magic word.

Me said...

Oh that so sounds like my 2 year old. She thinks that the word please will make thing appear, make you change your mind, and make you get off the toilet faster!

Charlotte in Pa said...

You should totally hide some in reserve every once in awhile. You know... just to mess with them. When they say please for the fifth time, you can say, "Okay. But I have to do some magic first." A couple of "Abracadabras" and more M&Ms appear. Dad's a hero!

JP said...

Dude, he said please. You should've run out to Wawa and gotten him more M&M's for positive reinforcement.

Melanie said...

My son does the same thing! And I always tell him thank you for asking nicely but the answer is no. I'm pretty sure he hates it and that anyday the phrase "that's not fair" is going to come out of his mouth. Won't that be fun...