Saturday, May 03, 2008


I read Gina's blog on a regular basis. In her latest post she wrote that her mom was starting a blog to chronicle her treatment for cancer.

I know that my friend Dave loved all the feedback he got from his blog and enjoyed using the internet as a source of encouragement when he was undergoing treatment. Especially when he was too tired or could not talk he could always surf.

Go to Gina's mom's Blog, Team Tina, and offer her your encouragement and prayers. Besides her header is a really cute and you may want to take her home and stick her in your garden.


Anonymous said...

I like Pumpkins and pie. She seems lovely.

Unknown said...

Hi William, Thanks so much for your nice post and your nice thoughts... I'm really new to navigating around in this blog world, so I hope I'm leaving this comment here correctly. And I WILL be back!! This is me, Tina, author of the Team Tina blog, but it looks like I may be signing this as Anne
(which is my "grownup" name)..

Anonymous said...

My mom IS lovely. And she's full of herself, a trait which she clearly passed down to me. Therefore, blogging suits us both very well.
Thanks again, Bill. Your post means a lot to us both.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. I followed so very many links and thought that I was out on a real adventure into blogworld. But I appear to have landed with a kind of thud right under my big sister and my niece here in PandB.
Your stories are a real pleasure, William. I'm a fan.