Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot Date

Many weeks ago Lauren's mom agreed to watch the kids on a Saturday night so Lauren and I could go out on a date for Lauren's birthday. We took her up on the offer.

It rained most of the day on Saturday but by the time Lauren's mom arrived at 5pm it had cleared up. Lauren and I were out the door by 5:30. We decided we would go to Doylestown. Doylestown is a quaint little town with lots of bars and shops and restaurants. We figured we could walk around, holding hands, and window shop and bar hop like we were young and in-love and without responsibility. Lauren loves live music and we figured we could catch a band at one of the cool haunts, after we ate and had a few drinks.

We parked the car at 5:50 pm and started to walk towards a group of shops. The sky grew dark and the wind kicked up something fierce. I saw a comic book store that was open and I asked Lauren if we could stop in for a quick second because I wanted to get Max a few comics. She agreed but I think it was due to the fact she wanted to get out of the weather.

We entered the store and were met with a half dozen or so lanky, rag-a-muffin, greasy haired, acne pocked, gothy teens. They were all sitting at tables playing some type of fantasy Dungeons and Dragons type of game. All of their heads turned towards Lauren because all of the sudden there was a hot chick in the comic book store and that only happens, like, well, like never.

Two tables back, sat two not so lanky, rag-a-muffin, greasy haired adults that were playing some type of fantasy game. I paused for a moment and soaked in the atmosphere. Although I never was the type to sit in a comic shop and play games I did collect comics for many years and I embrace my former nerdiness.

As I walked past the tables Lauren grabbed me by the arm, almost to use me as a shield, and followed. We made our way to the back of the store and Lauren said, "My Geekometer just went on full tilt."

I laughed it off. I wasn't sure if she was talking about me or the other patrons of the store. I think she was referring to me. I browsed for a few minutes and I found some comics that were appropriate for Max. The storm outside was coming on pretty strong.

At 6:04pm, I was paying for the comics when my phone rang. It was Lauren's mom. The power went out at our house and she did not know where to find flash lights or candles. Lauren hung up and sighed. We had to go home.

We spent Lauren's birthday date in a comic book store. It was Hot.

We did end up getting to go out later that evening, but just for dinner.


Bogart said...

Your wife is a champ.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, you just brought back some funny (scary at the time) memories for me. My younger brother used to read and collect comic books and I (being the super cool older sister than I am) used to drive him down to this one place on occasion. The guy that ran the comic book store was He would constantly ask my Brother if I had a boyfriend, what I was doing, did I think I'd go out with him, etc. He even SHOWED UP AT OUR HOUSE once to see if I was around. Ugh. He was so geeky and yet so pushy, I just didn't quite understand it.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to come up with some sort of comic-related sexual innuendo (because I'm a 6th grade boy, didn't you know?) and I've got nothing. Perhaps because comics are the anti-sexy?

I hope she at least got to ride on your Batmobile. (That's the best I got, folks.)

eclectic said...

Dude, you are Captain Romance!

OhTheJoys said...

Was my Dad in there? Or my brother?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering on the pronunciation. Is it Geek -o Meter or like thermometer?

Either way... mine goes off whenever I read poop and boogies.

Sarah C said...

LOL Happy Birthday Lauren?
I love this saying.
"Be nice to gekks/nerds they will be your boss some day" or maybe your husband! :)

Suzy-Q said...

A very memorable Birthday in my book!

Undercover Mutha said...

You take what you can get when you can get it. And yes, Lauren is hawt.

Anonymous said...

yes, william, i was referring to you. after 10 years, you still have to ask?

Unknown said...

At least you tried. :)

The geek shall inherit the Earth.

OHmommy said...

You know, there is probably an award designed for someone like your wife.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Chadwick said...

Just found your blog thru The Blogfathters.

Isn't it amazing the things our wives put up with and yet they still love us.

Hope she had a great birthday.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Well, at least you didn't play D&D. That would have been really geeky.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Doylestown and was reading this post with wide eyes, wondering where you were going for dinner...maybe The Black Walnut, or Paganini's, or maybe Los Sarapes??? Then I realized it was only to the comic book store and, I have to say, I was probably as disappointed as Lauren was.