Friday, June 29, 2007

Cold Duck

There is an episode of Welcome Back Kotter, where Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington gets hooked on drugs. In an effort to show their friend the bad effect of drugs, Juan Epstein, Vinny Barbarino and Horshack act like they are on drugs themselves.

Vinny Barbarino, played by John Travolta, does his best to act like one of those "druggie people" and he slouches around saying, "Gimme drugs, gimme drugs." I remember seeing this episode when I was a kid and I always found it funny.

Two weeks ago we took Maxfield's pacifier away from him. He only used it at night for comfort at bedtime. We made him quit cold turkey. The first few nights were rough, but after that he seemed to do okay.

Wyatt, who has never used a pacifier, has recently found some. Wyatt does not suck on them but more or less chews on them to ease the pain of teething. Every now and then, when Max is helping us put Wyatt to bed, he see the pacifiers in Wyatt's crib and he asks for one.

He sounds just like Vinny Barbarino in this video clip. Except Max says, "Gimme binks, Gimme binks."


Chris Cactus said...

Ahhh Kotter. What a fine, oft-forgotten show.

OhTheJoys said...

I loved that "gimme drugs" thing too.

Anonymous said...

"Boom Boom" is one of the best nicknames of all time. Freddie, do you play bass?. No I just like to pretend to play bass".


Patience said...

Cold duck?? Is that the same as cold turkey???

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I had my little one quit cold turkey last December. I made a big thing about the binky fairy coming in the middle of the night and exchanging the binky for a present. She woke up at 4am (the fairy had already come) crying for her binky (she was 4) and we sat in the dark with the nightlight and opened her gift from the fairy and then she went back to sleep. That was the end of it. I had to keep her from wanting to color in her Dora the Explorer coloring book right then, at 4am, but she settled on snuggling with her new Dora doll.

Unknown said...

Ah, going cold binky is never fun. It is survivable, though. I promise.