Friday, October 07, 2005

Blessing for Maude

My parents said prayers every night with us. I try to continue that same practice with Maxfield. Whenever I put him to bed I usually go through the same prayers that my parents used, of course somewhat catered to my family.

Once I get Max settled into the crib I start reciting the prayers. I say them as if Max was saying them. I start with the Guardian Angel Prayer “Angel of God, My guardian Dear…..” After that is done I go into the God bless stage, “God bless Mommy and Daddy, Mom Mom and Pop Pop, MaMa and Pa, All my aunts and uncles, All my cousins, God bless Mr. Miyagi*, Aunt Bridget**, God bless all the poor and unhappy people and God bless me.”

Last night as I was rattling through the list my tongue got twisted and I finished with “God bless BE.”

Lauren who was standing behind me giggled and said “Yes God, please bless Bea Arthur.”

*Mr. Miyagi is the nick name for Max’s Godfather
**Aunt Bridget is Max’s Godmother and not really his aunt


afdalieuroiuf said...

i la-aah-ove love love that you say prayers with (for) max. i think that's fabulous.

Cat said...

In her bedtime prayers, my youngest daughter has taken to asking God to "bless all the bad people in the world to CUT. IT. OUT." From her lips to God's ears, eh?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful nighttime ritual- it has inpsired me to start one with my kids.

Lois Lane said...

Lauren cracks me up!
This time, you reminded me of when my sister got married. Her now ex-husband, during the ring part of the ceremony, said, "With this ring, I be wed." I think we managed to laugh him out of our family. :P
Happy weekend!
Lois Lane

Anonymous said...

Thank you. God bless you three, too.

poopie said...

omg..what karma! my kid lauren loves bea arthur and the rest of the golden girls. secretly i do too. actually, lois is more my kind of hero ;)

biscuit said...

oooh I LOVE Bea!
glad to hear someone's prayin for her. even if it is by accident!
what a precious story!

Cheryl said...

That's so cute. My son prays for the funniest things sometimes. I think God must enjoy a few giggles at his bedtime.

Tallyflute said...

"God will get you for that Walter..."

You two are a real hoot!

Judypatooote said...

What a nice story....I don't think enough parents say prayers with their children...they may read them a story at bedtime....but no prayer.....and it is really cute listening to what little kids pray for....even bea

Nature Girl said...

To cute! Wait till he's old enough to say his own prayers...the things they come up with. I love listening to little kids pray, its soooo sweet. Stacie
uh oh...that looks like a wicked code I gotta type in....