Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Here are two conversations I have had in the past few weeks that I found funny.

Lauren and I were watching some news show where they were debating whether a woman who was once a man (he had the operation and everything) should be allowed to play in a woman’s golf tournament.

Lauren: I don’t think that is fair. I mean genetically speaking she is still a man.
Bill: Yea I know. It doesn’t make sense.
Lauren: I mean men are naturally stronger then women.
Bill: And smarter…
Lauren: Shut up
Bill: …and faster..
Lauren: No
Bill: and more stamina…
Lauren: That’s not true.
Bill: ..and better looking….
Lauren: So you think men are better looking than women.?
Bill: Oh. Uh….That’s, not, what, I ..meant. That came out wrong.
Lauren: Oh and you’re smarter huh?

This is something my brother said to me.

“ I played 17 games of Hungry Hungry Hippos last night. 17 games. My kids were mad because I kept winning. I can’t help it that I am better then them at Hungry Hungry Hippos. If I have to play 17 times I am going to win some. They will need to step up their game if they want to beat me. And don’t get me started about Chutes and Ladders. They cheat. You only supposed to go UP the ladders but they go Up the chutes. The chutes are supposed to send you down. Not up. So I feel okay about beating them at Hungry Hungry Hippos. “

Happy Anniversary Bob and Kris and Lawn Whisperer and Vick


Tallyflute said...

Lauren sounds pretty sharp. Great way to derail the logic! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Lauren rocks. These made me smile - thanks.

c said...

But if he/she has had the operation, and doesn't produce testosterone anymore (which is what makes men physically stronger than women), and if his/her musculature has transformed into that of a woman's, what's the problem?

(I'm not actually sure if the musculature would do that. Just for argument's sake, you know.)

LizzieDaisy said...

So... competitive against small children? LOL... if I say "must be a guy thing" are you going to let me come back?

Oh, and "Pet Shop" rocks. It's the first kids game I've found that takes less than 15 minutes to play. Play two or three times and I'm the best mom ever. Unless someone tells them about your brother. :)

Hungry Hippos? 17 games? Maybe that is faster... I will have to check it out. Wow, I can even get tips here!

The Q said...

I used to LOVE kicking my little Bro's butt in Hungry Hungry Hippo! Cool game.

Sometimes, they make it *SO* easy for us, don't they Lauren? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The key to Hungry Hippos is this...
push halfway down on the little flipper thing. This will leave the mouth of the hippo partially open. Then when the marbles are released, let go. Some say this is cheating, I say it gives me a slight advantage. It is not my fault that my 4 and 5 year old have not adopted good game planning. If you play by the rules you are supposed to release one marble at a time, so I slowly whoop up on them. If you play be the kids rules, which is the Helter Skelter Release all the marbles at once, I swallow 6 at a time with my method.

Now, the Chutes and Ladders thing has got me miffed. The Chutes go down, the ladders go up. My kids thing everything goes up, except when I land on it. Then everything seems to go down.

So, I cheat at Hippos, they cheat at Chutes, we're a happy family. I refuse to talk about Candyland. That is an entire different issue.

Anonymous said...

are you being attacked by blogger spam? honestly, who uses a quote from Antonine de Saint-Exupery to push a cheesecake recipe? The guy was a pilot for eff's sake.

Anyway, way cool cheating insight, lawn whisperer. i have to remember that one.

Jewl said...

Hey, I am a newbie to your Blog. I like it a lot, like your wife too. Tell her I have a VERY anal husband as well, I am so sorry! LOL
Your boy is a Cutie Pie!!

Renee said...

Too funny..

I think i play Go Fish 50 times a day!lol

Anonymous said...

i think i cheated on those types of games when i was little mini golf with my gradmom was another thing i used to tell her there was a really cool bird in the air so she would look up then i would pick up the ball run down the course and screan "look i got a hole in one" it worked for a while

Unknown said...

Lauren is the best name. ;)