Thursday, July 07, 2011

Zone Defense

When Maxfield, my oldest, was a toddler my wife Lauren and I had it pretty easy. Max was an only child. We played double coverage defense most of the time. We both took care of all the parenting duties, assisting each other and both staying on top of the energy filled 2 year old.  We always knew that we could go man-to-man to give the other person a break. We could sub in and out on an as needed basis.

When Wyatt, the middle child, was a toddler, Max was four.  Lauren and I learned very quickly how to play a man-to-man defense without subs. Divide and conquer,one on one would keep the kids in line. Occasionally one of us had something to do, a night out or traveling for work and we were forced into a zone style defense staying on top of the all the activities, moves and jukes of two little kids. Chaotic but doable.

Jackson, our third boy,  the youngest, is now (as of July 6th) officially two and half. Lauren and I are outnumbered. We are constantly in a zone defense and most days feel like the kids are playing a full court press. Jackson has studied under the tutelage of his older brothers and has learned a thing or two about the terrible twos. He is independent, sharp and quick tempered when things do not go his way. He is also extremely cute with a good sense of humor and has learned to head fake, dodge and a fast break against the defenders more often than his teammates ever did.

Jackson is becoming more and more acquainted with the Time Out Chair. I am not saying that Jackson is trouble I just think he takes advantage of our zone defense. We can't play man to man, we are outnumbered. Jax knows we are tired. He knows we can't cover everyone all the time. He knows that every now and then his dad needs to sit on the bench for a breather and that there is no sub coming in to cover him.
Happy 2 1/2 Jackson Grey.


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Huggies® provided me with the “Fashion for Good” kit to conduct a reader giveaway. However, my opinions on the product are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Huggies® or their products.”


Effie said...

that last photo of your boy all sweaty from playing and giving an adorable full-mouthed smirk to the camera--perfection. Looks like he's enjoying his snack--he looks like you in the pic.

We are having that fun in our household as well. Our youngest is now 1 1/2 and he's a going concern--and I think I'm letting him get away with a heck of a lot more than I let his sisters get away with!

(my word verification is billy--he looks like a little billy)

Michelle said...

We're doing the zone defense thing in our house too. I've got it a little easier, because my kids are somewhat older - 9 year old twins, 6 and 3. Having twins made me wise up early on to the whole zone thing. This summer, we're in Ireland for 2 weeks having fun touring around with my parents and my sister. There's 9 of us, which made it hard to find a car. This I find surprising, given that so many of the families we've encountered have just as many people as us!

Marin D said...

My sister with five kids says that once you get used to the three, what's one more? LOL. I had to stop at two for medical reasons but these two wear me out, especially our second. I can't image going for the four I really wanted. LOL. Sometimes my pregnancy related medical issues might have been a blessing to force me to stop before my head explodes.

We went to Oregon and Huntington Beach, CA. Oregon was the best with cool temps and rain. (I'm in Las Vegas.) But boy, am I done traveling for the summer. Our girls are going with my parents to my sister's cabin this weekend. Sucks for them (my parents I mean)! LOL. Yeah for me and my husband.

marinsoup at gmail dot com

Stephanie said...

We have two boys. We always wanted 3 children. But we have 2. I affectionately refer to our youngest as "birth control." Need I say more?

Melissa said...

dang...Max looks so very grown-up..and very handsome

and of course Wyatt...he is my heart; love him mugging at the camera

and that sweet little Jackson...he looks rotten...sweet, but rotten...LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought about driving with my sister and my mom to Florida from Pennsylvania.


Meegs said...

We leave for Cape Cod in a week!! Can't wait!

Right now we're still playing double coverage... and i think it might stay that way! I like having the babe outnumbered!! ;-)

Claire said...

We are getting ready to start family vacations in California and Louisiana with our brand new 4 week old! Wish us luck with her first plane rides and our first flight in a long time where we are no longer able to travel light!

Erin said...

This summer, we will be furiously studying your blog and trying to grasp the concept of going from a man-to-man to zone defense as we prepare for number three, who will be arriving in January. We have a three and half year old and a one and a half year old.
We will also be busy -- because, as you may know, being busy keeps the kids from killing each other (and my nerves). Beach, park, pool, repeat as necessary. Camping, if we're brave enough.

(I do the pool thing because my husband? He doesn't swim. He only dog paddles.)

erinling at hotmail dot com

James (SeattleDad) said...

You need to control the ball on offense and play a slow down game. Do a lot of passing.

Darrling said...

OK, Love the blog and the sports references. Just thought I would chime in because of your giveaway. As a mom of 4 young ones I am so completely outnumbered it isn't funny!

This summer we are moving from Pittsburgh PA to Augusta GA. We are telling the kids the move is our family "Vacation" but I got an amazing deal from a friend who has a time share they wont be using this summer. Don't tell the kids, we are taking them to Disney World for the first time ever!!! I can't wait!

Katie said...

I don't know if this is too late, or not, but thought I'd go for it. :) I didn't have babies before to win any of the giveaways you had, but I now have a 9 week old grand daughter who can use the goodies. :)

The pool is where I spent the majority of my vacation (last week), no traveling this year.