Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I know Funny

That is my mom's house.

My brother Jim and his family had 80 wooden cows delivered to my mom's front yard to wish her a happy birthday. They did it when she was away for the weekend on Friday April 1st.

I am stealing a line from my brother Kevin when I say, I know funny and that is funny. Why is it funny? Well, first of all, April 1st is NOT my mom's birthday and second, my mom is in her mid 60s.

As an April Fools joke this was pretty good but it got even better. While my mom was at church a woman approached my mom and told her how good she looked for being 80. My mom had to explain that it was an April Fool's joke to which the lady then told my mom her kids are so mean.

It gets even funnier. My mom's neighbor after seeing the cows, sent her flowers for her 80th birthday.

My brother Jim said it is the April Fool's joke that keeps on giving.


The winners of the Burger King gift cards from last weeks post are Jim K,  Idaho Dad and MommaTmac. Winners were chosen at random using a random # generator. Thanks to all who participated.


Michelle said...


teri said...

you guys are the funniest family!

Susie said...

Please adopt me, M family. (I'm cracking up here.)

Anonymous said...

That is funny.

Funny is also Gabriel with an Orchestra.

Charity Donovan said...

That is FUNNY!

Dan Creighton said...

Hey happy 80th to your mom! (Love how you relate these little life moments!)

Melissa said...

Happy non-80th non-birthday momO9!!!

I guess with 9 kids...8 boys...she has learned to roll with the punches!


Always Home and Uncool said...

You and Mom have issues, don't you? ;-)