Tuesday, April 20, 2010


We took Max and Wyatt to go see the Lion King Musical at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Lauren and I saw the Broadway version in 2001 and we both felt that the show as a stage production is very inspiring. We were very excited to see if we would be inspired by Max and Wyatt's reaction to such an incredible show.

I snuck my Flip video camera into the theater and even after hearing numerous warnings against recording in the building I did my best Freddy Rerun Stubbs bootlegging. Thankfully the Dobbie Brothers never showed up.

Maxfield and Wyatt loved the show even though Wyatt fell asleep midway through act two. Afterwards we went to Lauren's mother's house (she not only gave us the tickets as a gift but also watched Jackson while we were at the show) and she fed the boys snacks of pistachios and cookies and pretzels.

Later that night I asked Max what was his favorite part of the day and he responded by saying eating pistachios.


Josh said...

Hi, I'm Roger Thomas; which Doobie you be?

Cole said...

That's a great experience for your guys. What a great gift! And I love the What's Happenin'reference.

teri said...

I would love to see Lion King. Looks better than the movie.

for a different kind of girl said...

You have to appreciate a kid who loves the arts, and having never eaten a pistachio, I think there must be some kind of art to getting that shell off.

(I've wanted to see this show each time it comes to our town, but have never been able to swing it yet. Looks like it's a great production.)

Anonymous said...

I took my older boy to see it here in LA right before they closed it. Incredible! It gave me chills.

Although I must say..Pistachios are pretty darn awesome, too!


Anonymous said...

Out of the mouths of babes! What a treat! I was treated to such an event in N.Y. Loved it! The Broadway Production was the highlight of my treat! The food left me begging for a restroom after leaving the tunnel on the way home. Oh, the memories!! How exciting for the boys. They will remember that day for a long time. What a thoughtful Grandmom! Way to go, Emily! momo9

kcinnova said...

My oldest son (19 years old today!) saw Lion King on Broadway last spring and loved it so much he wanted to see it again this year.
Glad your kids got the experience. :)

Meegs said...

I've heard only good things about the Lion King... definitely one I want to see.

On another note, Happy Earth Day!!
I'm having a contest/giveaway on my blog for the occasion, I hope you'll stop by.

Bogart in P Towne said...

We saw that show in Vegas...I think it must be better with kids, because my favorite part was the cocktail I had at intermission.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Hey